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Message Subject Need your help - Bill to save us from emerging tech........
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"All emerging technologies shall furthermore be subject to scrutiny by officers of the patent office, an independent board of no less than 100 academics which shall rotate randomly throughout academia for periods of five years per term (this part is vital and irrevocable), a specially appointed UN commission and shall be subject to a consensus of UN countries. The previously stated means of testing and vetting shall happen in the order written with no technology moving to the next stage of vetting before approval of the previous. In addition, all members, at all levels, of any involvement in the vetting process may not have received funds, employment, special access or privileges from any petitioner or related interests on issues for which they shall vote."

This part would need to be written to the effect that the vetted peoples would have had NO ties to any industry even before the vetting process. Spouse, brother in law, etc. We have seen with politics that family members are paid off for politicians, to keep things hush hush.

The Detroit Kwame scandal is an example. He had all manners of cronies in all manners of positions- so deep, that even though he has been in prison for a few years now, the money is still hidden, and the corrupt are sill hiding in positions of authority.

The vetted would need to be COMPLETELY neutral, in my opinion.
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