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Message Subject Need your help - Bill to save us from emerging tech........
Poster Handle Glass Shield
Post Content
The purely existential and real threat of these technologies necessitates said unprecedented measures. Examples of these threats include complete world killers, environment killers, society killers, food supply killers, water supply killers, weapons of mass destruction, and many, many more severe issues that encompass threats the human race has never faced in the entirety of it's existence.

If, any of the above mentioned fields' emerging, current or past advances might cause harm to human life, the environment, the ecology of the planet or areas within, societal balance, peace, or the ongoing safety of human and animal life on the planet Earth, it must forevermore become illegal and untouchable. Once a technology or methodology has been effectively banned, penalties of the highest order must be implemented in order to dissuade others from their pursuit.

 Quoting: Tabitha

A bill like this would give us the chance to fight back. Monsanto, Oil Drilling, HAARP, CERN, Fracking- all of these industries would or could be challenged under this wording.

Once again, it all comes down to the money. How would we pay off the politicians?
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