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Its remarkable how human teeth can survive virtually intact for centuries,

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United States
09/16/2006 05:43 PM
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Its remarkable how human teeth can survive virtually intact for centuries,
Given that the adult mouth has 32 teeth in it and that an estimated 900 000 Jews were cremated at Treblinka and their ashes mixed with earth and reburied in the mass graves I was wondering how many teeth can be found today at Treblinka.

My estimate of 26 million has deducted about 3 million for the notorious bad dental care in Poland at that time.

If I may use the a source of forensic pathology Dr Baden

Quote: "Is it possible to obtain viable DNA from cremated remains?

Cremation destroys DNA, so one cannot get usable DNA from cremation remains. However, teeth stay pretty intact even in cremation ashes."

So it is safe to assume that there are allegedly 26-30 million teeth in and around the Treblinka Camp.

Supposedly, after bodies were removed from the crematory ovens, what was left was pulverised by bone crushers like this.

[link to i27.photobucket.com]
Now, as absurd as this seems, in 1959 well-known jewish author Martin Gilbert and a Polish friend drove by car to Malkinia Junction. They could not cross the Bug River Bridge. It had been destroyed in 1944 and not rebuilt.

A peasant was hailed who ferried them across and then carried them by horse cart to the camp. Gilbert describes the trip: "From Treblinka village we proceeded for another mile or two, along the line of an abandoned railway through a forest of tall trees.

Finally we reached an enormous clearing, bounded on all sides by dense woodland. Darkness was falling, and with it, the chill of night and a cold dew. I stepped down from the cart on to the sandy soil: a soil that was gray rather than brown. Driven by I know not what impulse, I ran my hand through that soil, again and again. The earth beneath my feet was coarse and sharp: filled with the fragments of human bone."

But aparently, no teeth?

[link to www.holocaust-history.org]

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Anonymous Coward
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United Kingdom
09/16/2006 06:27 PM
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Re: Its remarkable how human teeth can survive virtually intact for centuries,
And something to get your teeth into,
bite size portions, tho'.