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Message Subject Breaking!! MSG to the governments and leaders of planet earth from GOD
Poster Handle Kal Dani
Post Content
Seriously OP, do you realize that claiming to be Jesus Christ is either a form of serious mental illness or even demon possession?

You need professional help. Posting here, claiming to be Jesus only feeds your sickness. Go get help.
 Quoting: Lisa*Lisa

Thanks for your concern but it's needless I'm glad to say. For those of you do not believe this message over these next few decades. My warning is simply as was the prophet jonahs which is for all you foolish mortals to now stop your stupid ways and to be very careful.

My dads wrath is coming for the reason being that you still have not gotten your acts together and it's now been 2000 years since he last visited (prior of course to his last stay just. 20 years ago and believe me for the duration of his hard 50 years life he would definitely not liked what he saw.

I was just a foolish 26 year old idiot when j last saw him, I had no respect for him whatsoever and that despite the fact that he was the best looking man I have seen and I doubt it's just me who would say that. Also he was very fair to a fault, I thought he was a goody two shoes.

He had the best job I can think off, he was an aircraft engineer trained in 1960s UK at the aerodrome at Scone (pronounced schoon), he was trained on a bursary provided by Saddam Husseins government, a very bright young Iraqi Assyrian Christian from a very wealthy familly who's fortunes were on the wane (they opened Baghdads best hotel, the sinbad hotel) with an amazing resteraunt, they were good hosts.

Yet here was a young man looking for an honest job in order to raise his familly. So the government a good honest one, yes baath under saddam who is now in the heavens of the firmament paid for him to get his vocation.

So he met my mother a good honest woman from a poor Irish immigrant familly who had just moved earlier from Kilbirnie right on the very west coast of Scotland. They met at the dances in 1960 fell in love and got married. And had me and my sisters.

So on a cold December afternoon in Scotland I was born.
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