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Message Subject Breaking!! MSG to the governments and leaders of planet earth from GOD
Poster Handle Kal Dani
Post Content
For heavens sake could someone not shit this pin?..

The doctors in da house!

I am now going to attend to every single one of you who visits this thread and minister and help you and will always be with you every and each one of you will receive a portion of my free personal kidney Zhing essence! I will allways be with you for the rest of your lives and will personally greet you at the gates of heaven no matter how and what circumstances of your future deaths! Each of you will be with me and I will aid and assist you here on as your own personal guardian angel!

I am the metraton, the arch angel Gabriel. Good luck on your personal paths and allways allways here on, please remember this this is very very important your entire being depends on this one, your taking my advice please believe me! You are to listen to my advice.

Here are your reprogramming instructions:

You shall not steal.

You shalt not murder.

You shall not lie.

You will allways from this moment endeavour as if your life depended on it to play by the rules of the game.

My dad extremely disliked sex out of wedlock now I am certain I can talk him out of the most severe of punishments he has lined up for you all as we speak as he prepares to roast your souls in hell! Lol I shouldn't laugh.

Please if you don't mind, all I ask of you is that you star rate this thread generously thankyou! And also for the one who pays glp it's bloody upgrade fee for my avatar gets a double potion of the messiahs very own personal qi. I would myself it's only a tenner or so but then they'd have my private info...
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