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Message Subject The Weighing of The Human Heart
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Weighing of the Human Heart

Look carefully at the depiction of the Egyptian wall painting showing The Judgement of Osiris and similarities emerge between this pictorial and what is described in the book of Revelation, called Judgement Day.

The depiction is found at this site: [link to www.greatdreams.com]

The wall painting in ancient Egypt, shows a scale, but the human head on the top of the center pole, gives away the symbolism of what is being weighed.

The scales of Osiris, weigh a human heart, and upon the opposite side of the scale is a feather. We notice also that there are seven spheres on the pole, representing the seven human energy centers.

The real meaning of this scene not only displays the secret of reincarnation, but the method for escaping the reincarnation cycle. The heart that is light will rise and escape the cycle of rebirth, but the heart that is heavy with ignorance and offenses will be gobbled up by the alligator headed monster.

This composite beast, whose long reptile snout stands like a guardian of the path between the power center three and the heart center four. Energy center four, counting from the base of the spine brings us to the heart energy center. The position of the beast is significant, as it stands as a barrier to allowing the energy from reaching any higher than the first three energy centers. The energy of creation in a human, can be those things deemed important to the being, and chosen as ones focused upon.

If one believes that life is about survival, competition, expansion of wealth and gaining power, then, the first three energy centers will be actively operating, channeling energy up through the first three energy centers, from where it is stored in the base of the spine. However, there are seven energy centers not just the three lower ones.

This beast-like thinking pattern associated with the survival, sexual procreation and power wielding, has been preventing humanity from reaching its full potential, because humans were created to be more than mere animals concerned with survival. Wars have been spawned from this thinking, and all offenses against neighbor and love.

This beast of the underworld represents fear and ignorance, spawned by lack of balance. To live life, expressing only through the lower energy centers, feeds the ego, and satisfies the belly, but the soul starves for a connection to its Source Mind, which is the awareness of God.

Only when the human makes the leap to the heart and activates the fourth energy center, does it raise its vibration by seeking the highest good of all. This universal love thus makes the heart, light as a feather.

The point where the beast is positioned in the Egyptian depiction, is the midway point between the 3 energy centers below the position of the beast and the 4 centers above. This number is highly important, as 3 and a half, expressed as time, times and half a time, and also 42 months as well as 1,260 days, in the Bible all refer to this same 3 ½, the very position of the conglomerate Egyptian beast.

Everything is a matter of choice on earth. Both accounts portray symbolic beasts, and both use the reptilian or snake to represent the lower energy which humans have chosen. It is making a conscious effort to open the heart and choose the higher path that causes the beast to lose its power.
In the beginning of the book of Revelation, it says that everything in this book, is given in symbols. It points to a time after the vision was given for this to manifest. This puts Judgement Day squarely in the world of living humanity on the earth, not the spiritual realm of soul after death. Only during life can one choose the higher path, and the concept of one final time of opportunity has always been held within closed symbols which are now being opened.

Many ancient people have pointed to this time as the last part of the cycle. According to the Mayan calendar, there is only five or six years left before the door to opportunity closes and those not making the leap with the planet and the entire solar system will continue to be bound to the reincarnation cycle.

There is no wiser thing for anyone to do, than to seek to get acquainted with the workings of their own mind and examine their heart to see if its weighed down with contention, jealousy, fear and seeking material gain, or if its light and full of love and generosity and the seeking of the highest good for all.

Tree Hugger
 Quoting: Tree Hugger

Absolutely and completely wrong.

The feather equals the spirit. The heart is just that the heart, the soul.

Now if a individual leans more towards the whisperings of the heart over the spirit, then you're fucked.

Well, stuck in the cycles of incarnations.
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