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Candidate and Male Announcers all had LOUSY make-up last night!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 69733890
United States
08/07/2015 02:00 PM
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Candidate and Male Announcers all had LOUSY make-up last night!
Between MGNKLY’s co-host with a badly dyed side fringe (it was flat black like he’d combed in shoe polish) and a either a.) dirty and needs cleaning badly or b.) impossibly cheap and needs replacing with HUMAN hair this time round, hair piece - That was bad enough to keep you from being able to look at his face as many of us were just amazed that this guy would go on air with such a lousy hair/make-up job.

Then there was the other male host - the chubby one with far too much hair still on what we think is a rug. It was better but the little curl dangling down in the middle of his forehead? Really?

We can move onward from that to the same no-talent Fox Employee make-up person put the candidates make-up on with a 1/2 inch trowel !! They all had the same shade of pancake it appeared and there was no subtlety or shading to it. Just slap it on and powder it down.

The lighter skinned guys looked orange in High Def (and I’ve had professional color calibration done on the top-of-the-line Samsung 4k TV a couple of weeks ago when it was installed! - So I assume the orange problem was real and not a video misread of digital data color pixels.

The darker skinned men were not turned orange. The were made to look as if their faces were dirty and they needed to do a much better job washing up.

The idiot Fox make-up staff put the same color base on all the candidates, and on the male hosts, too! They even dumped a load of the same color base on Trump. He was orange and his lips looked pink - as in lipstick pink. Gov. Christy from NJ is naturally olive-skinned. His face just looked dirty. Many of the other candidates had their eyebrows eradicated by make-up and you were not sure if the had eyebrows remaining or not! Made these men look very strange. Strange indeed!

Then there is La Bimbo Megan Kelly. Yes I know she spells Megan some exotic way but I didn’t have enough concern for her to look it up. She just looked like a $50 street walker offering a fast french in your car! More if you wanted anything beyond a ‘blo & go”. Kelly’s eye make up was three layers of false lashes, coupled with too thick eye liner and her skin was the ONLY one that escaped the dreaded “orange base” treatment and she actually looked as though she might be caucasian in origin! One of the few!

The real nastiness with MGYNKLY was/is from inside, however. She’s a ball-busting bitch of the highest magnitude! Yes, these men are not easy to control or reign in. But she gave them slaps on the hand - verbally - and only after that didn’t work, did she resort to verbal castration. (Feel like she could handle physical version too, and probably enjoy doing it! OUCH!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 69983415
08/07/2015 02:16 PM
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Re: Candidate and Male Announcers all had LOUSY make-up last night!
If you have to put skin filter for hd and there is too many people you put same shade on everyone... Thick.

Probably was the mixer a keying to not work properly more than make up.

Hd requires healthy people with nice skin...untill that..ban it!