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Why Trump is so popular - my opinion

Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/08/2015 06:05 PM
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Why Trump is so popular - my opinion
He is brash, unapologetic, definitely not PC. He is a businessman who, by his own admission, has gained influence, not by being bought by donors, but by having been a donor himself. He knows the game. Being self-funded, he appears to not be beholden to the donor and political forces, as are all other candidates.

I expect the media to bring up something to do with a woman, or other, who has a complaint against him. However, it should be clear by now that sexual and other malfeasance is to be expected within our political class with a commonality that should inspire mere indifference and no more than momentary tintillation among the plebs.

The common working and middle class U.S. citizen has been fairly effectively silenced. What should help, hurts. What should uplift, degrades. Who knew that in America it could happen that speaking up could get one trammeled by the government, simply for having a "different" opinion - unless one is part of a protected class, in which case murder and mayhem are promoted. Or that programs touted to help everyone, wind up hurting those who pay the bills. That a one-sided agenda could ever so effectively erode foundational values. I don't have to have your value and you don't have to have my value. The intention of the foundational values was always that we, each, have a right to our own values without being trampled by others. It is a messy process but it can work. The only other alternative is what we are just beginning to experience - and it could get much more draconian.

For me, this phase of the campaign game constitutes entertainment. It is the warm-up act. Either Trump is playing a brilliantly devised, oppositional role in the game - or he is for real. Over decades I have watched as apparently decent candidates folded at a certain, identifiable point, thereby guiding an election in a sole, remaining direction. Almost as if the entire drama was planned to go that way from the beginning. It is interesting to watch how campaigns tune our opinions and attitudes. For me, it has simply become theater.

At the moment, though, Trump speaks what we are afraid to say. He can take the financial hit that could result from saying what is on his mind - and ours. Most of us who work to pay our taxes are, yet, a paycheck or so away from the streets while still paying the entitlement bills for others - some of whom actually need such assistance and should receive it, and many of whom just enjoy the free ride. We are in the middle of a new "McCarthyism" coming from a different angle. And many of us are scared of what we see as the most likely future, should the opportunity for sanity, civility and productivity not return to us.

Trump is saying what many are afraid to say. Trump "trumpets" out loud our fears of what will happen if some sane, middle road is not discovered and taken.

My political leaning is not important. I am as scared as anyone else who feels they are on the wrong end of the stick.