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Legionnaires’ disease outbreak kills 10 in NYC, 100 infected

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United States
08/10/2015 07:03 AM
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Legionnaires’ disease outbreak kills 10 in NYC, 100 infected
A deadly outbreak of a severe type of pneumonia known as Legionnaires’ disease has taken the lives of 10 people in New York City. Deaths have also been reported in Michigan and Ohio.
New York City officials said that, including the 10 fatalities, 100 people have now been diagnosed with Legionnaire’s, Fox News reported. The outbreak has been going on for about three weeks and has been labeled the largest in the city’s history.

Despite the increased number of people diagnosed with the disease, New York City’s health commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett, said the outbreak looks like it is slowing down. Only one new case has been reported over the last day, the New York Times stated. Generally speaking, Legionnaires’ can be treated with antibiotics.

“We now see the frequency of diagnoses decreasing, as well as the number of emergency department visits for pneumonia in the South Bronx,” Bassett said in a statement. “We have fewer new cases, people are seeking care promptly and getting treatment promptly. We’re optimistic that we’ve seen the worst of this outbreak, and that our remediation efforts are having an impact."

[link to www.rt.com]

now 100 infected. It was pointed out by a GLP member that they were spraying for 'west nile virus' in the area just days before the outbreaks began.
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