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Message Subject Cathy O'Brien and her handler Mark Phillips have apparently kidnapped a young girl named Shaela Miller and are mind controlling her.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some of the comments by the Miller family from youtube..

"Hi Sarah,
It all started when my husband and I watched a video about M&C. We bought their books and got all caught up in how horrible their situation was and how bad the political leaders are. We felt bad for them and had sympathy for them just like a lot of people do.
It was a long time ago and I am thinking Shaela was around 16 when we were learning all of this stuff and we both talked with Shaela and our older kids about M&C and the corruption of the government. My husband had emailed Mark asking questions and we were sending them donation money to help them as they said they were struggling financially. Shaela asked if it was ok to email Cathy. They started to email back and forth. If I remember right she was around the age of 17. We didn't even let her read the books and Cathy didn't want her to read the books until she was 18. The Phillips were actually really nice to us until after about a year of Shaela living there. They invited my husband to go there and see that she was ok. Shaela was so excited to have him go visit her. They wanted to help him improve his life because that is what they say they do is help people, kind of like a life coach and all in good confidence they had him do some psychological test on paper (lots and lots of questions). Now we believe they did that to see how Scott thinks so they could have a good understanding of how to manipulate our family and Shaela. Within a very short period of time Shaela became distant from the family. I got one last phone call from her telling me she loved me and apologizing for not being a better daughter. It was so odd. That was the last time I spoke to her and it was March of 2010. About a year later we got a letter telling us what horrible parents we were. My dates are a bit iffy of when they met and when Scott went to visit because it was so long ago - it all started around 10 years ago. I hope you have a general idea of the timing .But I will never forget that phone conversation in March of 2010.
Shaela met M&C when she was I think 18. They were speaking in Mt. Shasta at some convention and asked if Shaela could go to the event. We drove her to met up with them in Medford Oregon. She stayed at the hotel with them and they all hit it off. She was so excited to meet them and so were we. And of course they fell in love with her too. They brought her back home to our house and that is when the friendship really began. They were heroes to us. But not any more.
Thank you for your kind words and for believing."

"You are absolutely right. It was the dumbest thing we ever did and we regret it every day of our lives. If we had thought even the slightest that befriending them would lead to this we would have run the other way. We all thought that Shaela was going to be a part of something big that would wake people up and help those in need. We were so proud and excited for her. M&C came across as really likable people. They were really likable, at first.

When we started to get worried about Shaela I emailed Sue Ford for help. You can google her name for more information about her story. She had gone to Mark for help at one time. All she would say to me was that Mark used "open-eyed hypnosis" on her and it was very hard for her to get away from them. Good Luck. That was all she said to me. Sue was an adult when she had dealings with M&C. Think how hard it must be for someone as young as Shaela when she first became friends with them. I also have reason to believe that they have used LSD with Shaela.
The last time I talked with Shaela she was going on about how amazing Mark is and that he can walk through walls and was really powerful and that he could twirl her with energy without even touching her. Now that comment weirded me out. I am like "and you saw him walk through a wall?" and she said "yes" and was so excited about it. She was almost worshipful towards him.
So to answer your question, yes, I believe that a person can manipulate another person that easily especially if they are a sociopath and are using drugs on them.
As for your other questions, Shaela benefiting from this some how and about Cathy. I don't know I just have opinions. I would like to believe that Shaela would never hurt her family on purpose and is being controlled to be this way. But I just don't know."
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