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Message Subject Cathy O'Brien and her handler Mark Phillips have apparently kidnapped a young girl named Shaela Miller and are mind controlling her.
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"My name is Tammy Miller and I am Shaela's mom. I am grateful to the host that posted this video as it has allowed me the opportunity to share my side of the story.
It has been probably a year since I watched this video. I just sat through the parts of Shaela talking so that I can remember what was said so that I can share with you some key points. First of all she talks about basic everyday mind control through religion and isolation. She also said that “religion plays a big roll" and hers is Mormonism. Shaela never grew up Mormon. Scott and I were Mormon but left the church when Shaela was around 4. We left the church because we were not going to be controlled by a religion. Any religion. Shaela had friends that were Mormon and at the age of 11 she asked if she could be baptized. We let her but she didn't go to church for very long after joining (her choice). She doesn't even know that much about Mormonism and you can tell from the video that she didn't know what she was talking about.

Shaela says she couldn't escape on her own. How do you think she even got to Alabama? We paid for it and took her to the airport. We all cried because we were going to miss her so much. She cried too. Mark and Cathy (M & C) had offered her a job. But it turned out that they didn't pay her. They only gave her room and board and an old car which they asked us to pay the car insurance on. We did at first and at one point we were having some financial trouble as the real estate market was starting to tank and told her we couldn't pay for it. She has a job and needs to pay for it herself. It was around this time period that we suspected she really didn't have a job. If she really had a job with them then why couldn't she pay for it? It was around $200. They were not happy with us about that. It was also around this time that she was distancing herself from the family and couldn't talk on the phone because "someone" might be listening in.

How do you think she even met M & C? It was through her dad. He had heard about them from watching a video. Scott made friends with M & C over the internet. We would send them money to help their cause. He introduced Shaela to Cathy through emails. Do you really think that if Scott wanted to learn how to mind control Shaela that he would have asked Mark for help? That is ridiculous. You wouldn't go to a mind control deprogrammer to learn how to mind control someone.

Shaela said that she believes that if people could be themselves rather than what people are told to be then people would become free. My kids have had more freedom of expression then most kids out there. Shaela also said she was isolated. Shaela was in plays, took acting classes, group voice lessons, was an extra in tv shows like Ayna's Bell, Johnny Tsunami, Touched by an Angel and more. She also auditioned for acting roles on tv. She took guitar lessons, quit, tried piano lessons, didn't like it. She got her first job as a sales clerk at the age of 14 or 15. She was being taught by an herbalist and helped with clients . Shaela was very intuitive. At the age of 16 she traveled and would give talks and demonstrations on her intuitive abilities. She had the gift of healing, got her Reiki Mastership, and, the last thing she tried before leaving home, modeling, which we spent lots of money on helping her build her portfolio. Keep in mind that we had 7 children and my husband was working full time/over time to support us as I was a stay at home mom. Any money that Shaela made from her jobs she kept.

Shaela did like to tag along with my husband when he worked. All the kids liked to tag along with him. She was by no means a slave and definitely was not molested or abused.

Shaela says she wasn't allowed to go to school. We encouraged Shaela to go to high school. I had always told myself when the kids were high school age that I would let them make the choice of going to high school or not. She didn't want to go. When she was 18 we would encourage her to go to college but she didn't want to. She wanted to be a model. That was fine with us.

We have kids that have gone to college and some that have not. Our oldest child only took a few classes in college but has a successful business in the film industry and has been the trainer of new employees getting out of college in the field of film. This is just an example of the freedom of expression and creativity that comes from home schooling. Our next son went to college and is starting his own business in the real estate industry. Our other son is currently going to college and just bought his first house at the age of 22. And our daughter Sarah went to college and has started her own business helping people release trapped emotions along with stress management, etc. Our twin girls don't know what they want to do yet but, whatever they decide, I know they will be successful at it. My point is why would you believe that Shaela had it any different then the rest of the kids? The truth is we do have strong family values and love our kids greatly and have only wanted to guide and teach them in a way that would bring them the most joy in life.

I will admit that Shaela and I would butt heads but Scott and Shaela rarely did. Shaela and Scott were best buds. But you know what?.. a lot of mom's and their daughters butt heads. It is a teenager thing. (Shaela was the only one of my kids I really butted heads with but it wasn't much different than how I treated my own mom who I love dearly) So I find myself perplexed that Shaela is attacking her dad. The only reason I can think for this to happen is because Mark has felt threatened by Scott in some way so he had to turn Shaela against him.

Shaela comments that “her Father was attempting to kill her by controlling what she ate. She became ill”. It is true that Shaela has/had stomach problems. She cried a lot when she was a baby. We think it might have to do with the fact I got valley fever when I was 6 months pregnant with her and was on medication and hospitalized. Shaela was also born early and was not able to bond those important fist hours after birth. As a child she would complain about stomach problems.

At one point we had an ultrasound done and they said it looked like she might have an infection but they weren't sure. I took her to doctors, naturopatic doctors, chirpractors, etc. trying to find the problem. No one was trying to kill her. I wish I was a miracle mom and could have fixed it. Back then I didn't know about gluten/dairy intolerance. I am guessing now that that may have been the problem as two of her sisters have a gluten intolerance and have to be careful what they eat.

Shaela said she had a fear of men. I had to laugh when I heard her say that. That is so far from the truth. I don't know one man that she was afraid of.

Sarah had contacted Shaela a couple of years ago and sent her some pictures of our twin girls that Sarah had taken as Sarah likes photography. Shaela wrote back a mean email saying the girls were malnourished (because they are thin) and one of the twins has a tattoo so she must be being mind controlled because people only get tats when they have been abused. That is just silliness. What I call self abuse is getting a letter from Shaela when she was 23 telling us she got her tubes tied because she didn't want to pass on our genetics. If Mark and Cathy are such good friends to Shaela why would they not try and stop a 23 year old from making such a drastic decision? My thoughts are that they encouraged it. I think the reason is in the letter on our blog that her childhood friend talks about. When you read Jessie's side of the story, keep in mind that it was sent from her phone so there are typos.

My question to you, and to anyone else, is: Why would such a beautiful young woman live with Mark and Cathy for 8 years? Now I call that isolation.

One of the first steps of mind control is to get the person away from friends and family."

"Wow, I assumed from your name “The Truth Always Adds Up” that you were really a seeker of truth, now I have come to believe that that might not be the case. You can believe what you want. It is sad that your mind is so closed. How do I know that you are not a plant? How do I know that you are not Mark? I can't figure out why anyone would believe the video on face value. Why do you feel the need to defend it so strongly? Everything that we have on the blog is raw truth, from the neighbor Kim, to Jessie her best friend and her sister Sarah. Why do you throw all that out?

I am trying to decide if it is even worth responding to you. You seem to have made up your mind and it is probably a waste of my time to respond but then I am sure there are others out there that are not so closed minded and will read my words.

When I said we left the Mormon church we did and the beliefs. I am not atheist but I also am not Christian. I adhere to no religious beliefs. I believe in a Creator, quantum physics, metaphysics, the power of the mind, some Buddhist teachings, some Christian teachings, some Hindu, the power of Now and things of that nature.

Like I said, Sheala joined the Mormon church at 11 because of her friends but we moved out of the state soon afterwards. No more Mormon friends, no more reason to go. One of the points is that she had friends, she was not isolated.

YOU SAY “Shaela doesn't say she couldn't escape on her own, what she says is that she could not break the programming while she was still living there. Mark and Cathy may have told you they were giving her a job but she makes no claim to that, she says they offered her a place to stay and I think that's what it was.” If you recall Sarah's letter, she mentioned that Shaela gave her most of her clothes because she had a new job and wanted new clothes for her new life.

Like I said before, the reason Scott contacted Mark was because he had his concerns about the government just like you do and had questions. They became friends. Scott shared the stuff he was learning with Shaela as he has always shared information about conspiracy stuff with her and all of our kids.

As for Shaela working at a retail store. In the state we lived in at the time you could get a job at the age of 14. My oldest son worked at Taco Bell when he was 14 and no I don't have his w-2. Not all states are created equal. Some actually let 14 year olds work. The reason Shaela stopped working at Amazing Imports is because they went out of business. I don't have a w-2 as that was over 10 years ago. My point in telling you about her working a job was to show you that she wasn't isolated and had a very active life.

Actually I am pretty proud of the fact that I was able to home school my kids as long as I did, and none of them wanted to go to school until middle school and high school. Like I said some of them did go to middle school. One of the complements I got was that people were amazed that I home schooled my kids because they are so normal. Not the stereotypical religious home schoolers. I am not saying there is anything wrong with religious home schoolers, my point is that my kids didn't fit that stereotype.

I am not really sure what you are talking about with the 10 tribes and Isrealites. That has nothing to do with any of this.

As for butting heads with my mom, my mom was awesome. She did not abuse me nor did my dad. I was actually closer to my dad growing up and became closer to my mom as I became a mother myself. I don't know if you have kids or not but most kids butt heads with their parents. That is the natural part of growing up when you become a teenager. Kids test boundaries. It is normal. The point I was making about head butting is that Shaela and Scott rarely butted heads. Which makes my question why is she attacking him? And like I said I think it was because Scott was a threat to Mark's being able to control her and he had to destroy their relationship. The first way to mind control someone is to remove them from their family and friends.

So you want to know how we got our income. We are in real estate. The real estate market was really good to us before the crash. My husband has an office at home. So, you believe that anyone that makes enough money to have 7 kids and have a stay at home mom makes them a criminal/pedophile?? Well that just is not the case with our family and I do not believe it is the case with most people that can afford to support a large family. If we didn't have all those kids we would probably be retired by now but we are not because most of our income has gone to raising them.

YOU SAID “It's funny how little you say about her not being molested or abused and even funnier that you link it to going to work with her dad. I'm just saying.“ Uhmm, How many ways and how many times do I need to say it? Do I need to yell it 5 times, 10 times that he didn't abuse or molest her? Would that make you feel better? Would that convince you? And I wasn't linking it. I was making the point that she wasn't a slave or abused or molested like she said in the video.

My question to you is why don't you do your research and google Mark? Check out [link to www.rense.com]

Google Kathleen Sullivan [link to www.hiddenmysteries.org]

And google Sue Ford/ Brice Taylor. I actually emailed her for help. She said she couldn't help me but that Mark used “open-eyed hypnosis” on her and said it was very hard for her to get away from him and then she wished me good luck.

And as for me not deleting your comment, I didn't know I could and I wouldn't anyways. Like you said people will read this and make their own decisions."

"The con is they get people to feel sorry for them and send them money. That is what we did. We would send them money to help get the word out about mind control and in the end our daughter ends up being the one controlled.
They gave us the song and dance about how they are always broke. But let me tell you they live in a beautiful custom home on acreage. Here is a pic of Shaela in front of their house with their Chow dogs. [link to www.fairtaxnation.com]
I wish there was a way I could post a pic of their house. Your jaw would drop."
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