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Message Subject Cathy O'Brien and her handler Mark Phillips have apparently kidnapped a young girl named Shaela Miller and are mind controlling her.
Poster Handle Kira mai Kadwalladyr
Post Content
I cannot paste the amount I want to that I find important, even though it is less than 50%, so am just going to say please go to the link and read the second letter. I hope at least this part posts:

Mark Phillips may look a lot to Ray like the hindquarters, but I see Mark Phillips as a kind of a hero. Why would I call Mark a hero? Because his initial impulse came from a moral sense, a wish to expose the tragedy of MKUltra mind control; just don't make the grave mistake of assuming that individuals from covert government programs (such as Phillips) are operating with the same moral compass (as you and me).

Ray Bilger's expose' is hardly timely. Brice and others have been making public statements "Don't send anyone to Mark Phillips," as early as October of 1997, at Sylvia Gillotte's conference in Atlanta, the CT Expo on Ritual Trauma, Child Abuse, and Mind Control. Ray's choice to attack Mark Phillips now, with Dick Cheney being proposed as Dubya's Vice Presidential running mate, could be especially poor judgement; as it confuses the issue of the veracity of the material in TranceFormation of America, Mark and Cathy's ability to communicate that material; with the issue of whether we should be sending recovering MKUltra victims to Mark Phillips (Obviously not).

So, what happened to Mark Phillips that he became this ogre? Mark miscalculated the leverage necessary to break free. As a result, Mark has been reduced to playing one power group off against another. From his first call to Dr. Jolly West, Mark gave information "to both sides." "How do you think we stay alive," he confided to a friend.

From hints Mark gave, his "insurance policy" contained Operation Paperclip resettlement files; inside info on the Gander Newfoundland crash, and more. Enormous bargaining chips, but apparently.... not big enough. Why? The challenge we all face now: Almost total control of the media; no Court to bring charges in; meaningless Congressional Hearings; no (moral) pulse from the American public; no support from law enforcement; the list goes on. Bill Colby also miscalculated on his insurance policy, and went canoeing. Going public is non-trivial and definitely non-habit forming.
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