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Message Subject Cathy O'Brien and her handler Mark Phillips have apparently kidnapped a young girl named Shaela Miller and are mind controlling her.
Poster Handle Tammy Miller
Post Content
I'm Shaela O'Brien. I had my name changed legally before I left the states. I use to be known as Shaela Miller when I lived with my ex-parents (Tammy & Scott Miller)in the USA, but I consider Cathy O'Brien my mom & Mark Phillips my dad since I've been adopted into their family. I chose to take Cathy's last name because she has been such a great mother to me.

I've never had a loving family before like the time I spent with Mark & Cathy. You have no idea how healing living with them was and how much I grew as an adult under their care.

Let me answer a few of your questions.

1. I was never kidnapped. I went on my own free will to live with Cathy & Mark.

2. I am not missing, I want nothing at all to do with the Millers, which is why I have no contact with them at all anymore.

3. I was not mind-controlled or sexually abused by Mark or Cathy.

4. My sisters are brainwashed like I use to be. I was the oldest and they were too young to know what was going on with me. My dad made me the target of his desire.

5. I no longer live with Mark & Cathy. I live in Germany with my fiance. Soon my name will change once again.

This thread is nothing but disinformation being made to try make me & my adopted parents look bad. It's slanderous and should be deleted.
 Quoting: Shaela O'Brien 70190513

If you are really Shaela, What is your nick name?
 Quoting: Tammy Miller

This is Shaela's Dad. I feel that it's time I make a public comment. I have resisted so far because, frankly, I know how people feel toward someone accused of such horrific things. For years, when I would hear of such a case, it was typical for me to react with anger toward the accused perpetrator with all kinds of horrible things that I think should be done to them even though I had no real idea whether they were actually guilty or not. Child sexual abuse is too horrific to allow us to easily "take the high road" of non-judgement until we really know if they are guilty.

So I will state up front, there is no way I could have or would have ever done anything like that to any of my children or anyone else; it did not happen. And it never happened to Shaela unless someone else did something. Shaela's initial accusations included a time period when she was about four years old where she claimed she was ritualistically, satanically abused or something like that. I don't even know how to do that. I always took every measure I could to protect my children from this kind of thing.

I do blame myself for ignoring the accumulating signs that something was very wrong with Mark and Cathy. I sometimes come across subject matters that I have to know everything about so when I heard about and read Tranceformation, I made contact with Mark Phillips. I recall that I wanted to see for myself if they were for real. After one or two emails back and forth (I don't recall what we talked about), I sent Mark a quote from a speech by James Traficant. It sounded all patriotic and I thought he might enjoy it. His response back to me was a touch of anger or disgust because I didn't remember that he had written about Traficant in his book and that Traficant was a "bad guy". I felt like "ok...whatever...I was just sharing". But that was an early hint of Mark's personality disorder.

I don't want to repeat what has already been said but Shaela started emailing Cathy. One day Shaela came to me and asked if I thought it was ok for her to talk to Cathy on the phone. Sure. Why not? It was strange the way Cathy and Shaela's relationship grew so close over the phone. Should that have been a red flag? At the time, I couldn't see why it would be. We all felt deep compassion for Cathy because of what she had supposedly been through. Seriously, how dangerous could she be?

So Mark and Cathy flew to a conference they were speaking at that was a few hours away from where we were living. When Shaela met Cathy in person for the first time, they hugged and cried with happiness. At the time it really didn't bother me. Should it have? It does now.

Some time later, Shaela came to me and said that Mark and Cathy had asked her to work for them. She would have to move there and live with them. They stressed that it had to be after she was no longer a minor. I thought that maybe Mark was just being wise because of the appearance that would create. Now I wonder.

Shaela was so excited about the idea. I didn't want her to leave. But we were having a very difficult time getting Shaela to move forward in her life. She would not go to college or get a job at the time. I thought that maybe working for Mark and Cathy would give her good experiences. And what a great work...exposing other peoples' suffering and maybe contributing to a healing of our country. Still, my feelings were unclear. I was upset about her leaving but I thought I was only upset about her leaving. I believe humans are very empathic and intuitive but they need to be able to recognize it. It wasn't until we took Shaela to the airport to fly to Mark and Cathy in Alabama that I was overcome with dread...a deep dread like being marched to the gallows would feel. If I would have trusted my intuition more, I would have said "no" right then.

Everything seemed fine for the first six months or so. Except that everything I would talk to Shaela about on the phone would get discussed with Mark. Then she would get on the phone with me and tell me all the things I should do "according to Mark". Mark was becoming the final word on everything, which, of course, stressed my ego.

Then they invited me to come and visit. Backing up a bit, I need to relate that Cathy had offered to do a handwriting analysis on everybody in our family. Apparently, she was trained in the highest level of hand writing analysis. I thought "what a nice person!" So we sent handwriting samples for each of us including the very young twins. This leads back to my visit with them because Mark had offered to do some kind of analysis of me so he could give some advice. I filled out questionares and did some other things I can't fully recall now. It seemed pretty benign. He said I needed to meditate with the idea of "cold" or "ice" because that's what the tests showed. When I got home, I got a poster of some winter ice and tried to apply what he had said.

My visit there was very interesting. They showed me items Cathy had saved that were allegedly the same items from the stories in their book. There were the red Dorothy slippers and other trinkets. I took pictures. It all seemed quite real. At one point, Cathy was leaving the room to get something and Shaela said "Can I give you a hand?". I didn't notice anything but after she left the room, Mark told Shaela that you can't say that to her because of that one handler she supposedly had who would cut off human hands for satanic rituals...he would say "Can I give you a hand?"

I saw scars on Cathy that she said were from the cattle prods. I sat next to her and watched as she had additional memory flashbacks and it really did not look like she was putting on a show for me. At one point, I was so overcome with the sick depths of Cathy's experiences that I gave her a hug and said something like "please know that all men are not like that". Mark was watching from across the room.

My point in relating the above is that I really don't know what the true story is when it comes to Cathy's past. The only thing I am sure of at this point is that Mark is one big walking liar. I know because he has since told horrible lies about me and my family as well as other people discussed below. At this point, it is obvious to me that Cathy is totally manipulated by Mark. She changes her opinion to match his no matter what the subject is. She never disagrees with him. I believe he completely controlled Cathy's memory recall. I can only guess why but I really do not know. On the other hand, while believing Cathy is still a victim, I have found myself very angry with her that she did not protect Shaela from Mark...I'm just being honest.

And I believe that the tests and analyses Mark conducted on my family and myself were later used to control and intimidate us.

The first notable event that woke me up was an email Mark sent to me. His email accused us of being bad parents with a slew of bizarre reasons. Then he threatened that if we ever said anything negative about him or Shaela that he would come after me "from beyond the grave". Backing up again, Mark had told me about how he was in a dispute with his ex-wife so he got two or three of his spook friends to "take care of it" for him. He said they put her in the trunk of their car and three days later she completely backed down and stopped hassling Mark. I asked what they did to her and he laughed and said "I don't know". Why did he tell me that?

Back to the email from Mark, well, I was devastated. I thought he was my friend. And now I was being threatened by this ex-CIA guy who had my daughter (are they really ever "ex" CIA?). Several years later I found a post by Mark on the internet in response to some guy challenging him...he personally attacked this guy and threatened to have him put on the sex-offender list (as if Mark had such power)...and I don't think he even knew him. More recently, a woman emailed Mark about Shaela using the email address that has always been right there on their website only to attack her in the same way by calling her a prostitute, saying she was into porn, that she inappropriately obtained his email address, and that she better watch out for law enforcement. That exchange, with the actual email Mark sent, is posted on the forums. A real class act guy huh?

After Mark's email to me, I immediately emailed Shaela. There was no way she would be a party to this. There was no way she would agree to such negative things about me. I got no response. I emailed again. No response. More devastation. Weeks went by then months went by without hearing from her. I know this was because Mark told her not to respond to me. I had this growing feeling that I was like their psychological experiment and I was to be dealt with only according to Mark's instructions. Mark knew that this action would be very hurtful to the relationship Shaela and I had.

I'm a little confused about the time line but it was sometime during this time that Mark had instructed Shaela that if anyone in her family wants to talk to her, they had to send an email to set an appointment and explain beforehand what was going to be talked about. Another blazing red flag. Once, Shaela's younger brother called her and Mark answered. Mark said that Shaela wasn't there. Shaela's brother identified himself and at that point Mark said "Oh, let me get her"...he had thought it was me.

During this time period, Shaela was still occasionally in contact with her younger brother. On one call, she told him that she was having some surgery. We also knew that she was in some kind of "therapy". I still do not know who the therapist was or who chose the so-called therapist.

By this time, everybody in the family was telling me that Shaela was being mind controlled. I was finally starting to believe it too. But the final proof came about a year or two later. We were desperate to find out if she was even still alive and managed to get a message to her to "call her mother"

The response was an email from Shaela. Shaela accused Tammy and I of all kinds of bizarre things including the above-mentioned ritual abuse when she was about four years old. She also informed us that she had her tubes tied because she can't be responsible for perpetuating such bad dna. I will never forget the trauma of that day and I seem to remember every minute of it. I am blessed enough that each one of my other children informed me that it was obvious Shaela is totally brainwashed and that they know nothing like that stuff ever happened. They are awesome children.

It was around the same time period that we got hold of the post made by Shaela's childhood friend Jessie. It all came together like a ton of bricks falling on my head. Therapy? Surgery? Threesomes? Living with a mind-control expert that obviously lacked a conscience? Again, threesomes? With old people? My beautiful daughter with these old people? I didn't even have to imagine what horror she might be facing because now we knew it was true!

Abusing a man's daughter right in front of him is one of the worst things that can be done to a human. But Mark compounded the attack by making that "interview" video in Germany. For anybody who ever knew Shaela, it is crystal clear that this is not her...except for her physical presence. I believe that is why they misspelled and mispronounced her name several times...they didn't want us to find it because they didn't want the blow back from such an obvious fake. And they knew that anybody who ever knew Shaela would know it was a fake.

Note that Shaela has been ruthless to her siblings. It appears that her excuse is that it's because they still have "anything to do with the parents". I'm sure it's because Mark knows she would feel the love from her family, which may actually cure the situation. I hope nobody out there has ever had to watch your teenage and adult children go through something like this.

If I had only googled Mark. If only. The truth about Mark is all over the internet. There's a Rense.com article called The Truth About Mark Phillips that really spells a lot out. And then there are his dealings with Sue Ford. Sue Ford claims to be the 1960's MK-Ultra mind-control victim she spells out in her book Thanks for the Memories. Her 1960's name is Brice Taylor. She went to Mark and Cathy with the hope of being helped through the trauma of the abuse she wrote about. We contacted Sue Ford and she seemed tired but, for some reason, she didn't really want to talk about it. After we emailed her a second time, she wrote that "Mark's open-eyed hypnosis nearly drove me crazy". To this day, I still do not know what "open-eyed hypnosis" is. Sue Ford claims that Mark and Cathy ripped her off to the tune of $75,000. She said that after he was done with her money, he told her she wasn't abused after all. I do recall that when I was visiting, Cathy tried to tell me something negative and perverted about Sue Ford.

Research all this and you will see that whatever Mark says, the opposite is true. He also strangely thinks that the word "parent" equals "abuser". When I was visiting, he had it in his mind that Tammy's parents had abused her, which is insane...and he had never even met them. Mark has no concept of families and the kind of love and tenderness that is usually there. I've chalked it up to Mark's horrendous upbringing; nevertheless, he is without feeling and he lacks a conscience, which is a partial definition of a sociopath and/or psychopath. So, Sue Ford wasn't abused, Ted Gunderson is a pedophile, and I am an abuser...yea right.

In your internet search, you will likely find the article wherein Mark explains how to mind control someone. In that terrifying article he says something like don't try this at home because you will end up in jail. Hmmmmmm.

Shaela had demonstrated some awesome phychic abilities when she was a teenager. I even took her to "psychic expos" and people would pay her for readings. People were calling her on the phone for readings for some time. She was the real deal. She did not, however, pursue that route. For you researchers out there, consider what it means that Shaela is very psychic, she is extremely beautiful, and her first shot at leaving home landed her with these people who are experts in mind control. Then we have evidence from the friend Jessie that Shaela has been sexually taken advantage of.

Friends quit several years ago asking about Shaela. What reason can I give them that would explain why someone like Shaela would waste eight years so far of the prime of her life with people old enough to be her grandparents?

I have never lost a child to death but I have lost this child over and over again as we keep convincing ourselves that there may be hope for her only to get some communication or see something like the Germany video, which causes us to relive the loss all over again...and again.
Warmest Regards,
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