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Message Subject Cathy O'Brien and her handler Mark Phillips have apparently kidnapped a young girl named Shaela Miller and are mind controlling her.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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There's two routes the Millers can go if they want to resolve this, raise funds for a lawsuit that would fully reveal the backgrounds of these people via depositions & discovery subpoenas, alternately the dad should take the video of his daughter to children's services or the police & ask to be investigated, which would eventually lead to these people's past being turned over by investigators. It could be tough being investigated but the only way besides a lawsuit to clear the family name.

One major thing in the Miller's favor, no investigators will buy Mark & Cathy's tall tales at face value so they are bound to have old court documents unsealed & the past turned out including Mark's actual employment records.

To all the doubters, cult indoctrination & Stockholm Syndrome are real effects, besides hypnosis as Mark apparently uses is capable of making almost anyone believe any false reality. If that gross, old overwight chain smoker is having intimate contact with Shaela most people would assume she's been brainwashed. Again if all the known facts are as both parties state in my 4 decades of expertise in these topics this is a tragic scam.

The major piece of the puzzle will be revealing the actual juvenile court records re Cathy's daughter being taken by children's services, Mark claims they put up a fight so why are there no appellate court hearings or federal lawsuits to overturn those juvenile hearings? Has Cathy EVER published actual documents from those hearings?

Starting a criminsl conspiracy & fraud lawsuit against them would open those files, also going to the state claiming a cult "kidnapping" might well get the authorities after these people.

Besides doing a crowdfunding to afford legal action, this negative publicity washes away what credibility these people had in the victim community, they are fake therapists with no training in deprogramming or psychotherapy just like amatuer shrunk Fritz Springmeier who also seduced married Cidco Wheeler while claiming to be a minister.

This conspiracy genre is full of hustlers & sociopaths claiming they are out to save the world while selling books & charging for seminars. By their videos Mark has zero credibility & comes off like a typical con-man.
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