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Message Subject Cathy O'Brien and her handler Mark Phillips have apparently kidnapped a young girl named Shaela Miller and are mind controlling her.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
As GLP only reaches a small demographic the Millers should start a Facebook page and associated group so they can control the trolls besides reaching the huge Facebook audience. Post a link here.

If nothing else you reach the market that buys these people's books & lectures & also the particular SRA/MPD demographic which is a small fringe movement though including various professionals such as the two previously mentioned. Some of those groups are also on Facebook & you can network with them.

Besides a Facebook presence remains while threads here usually last a week or two average. Telling your story was the best thing you could do. A slight deference also has to be given your daughter's allegation but so far the available evidence makes it implausible. You likely are aware any claims like Shaela's that any therapist or LE officer hears are mandated to be reported even despite client/therapist confidentiality? Why I say both parties are likely to be interviewed at some point, I'd opt to go to the authorities & ask to be investigated because all parties' stories will then get investigated.

A civil suit is an advantage, sometimes that's not feasible, plus the door is now open to being proactive before authorities approach you. Consulting a juvenile law attorney would be a vital first step if you still have any minors, a criminal law attorney might be another option, being arrested for your daughter's statements isn't impossible, why I would take the first leap, pray & hold your breath.

A social presence keeping pressure on them is always free & effective. A minimum requirement for them avoiding your escalating these efforts should be Shaela beginning a dialog with her sisters & mother, leading to family/relationship counseling.

The parties then could avoid years of negative publicity, years of civil court litigation & both parties having the government hauling off your computers, business & personal records & many legal depositions. It might be revealing if Mark & Cathy have to document their claims & histories. So far the Millers have a slam dunk tort injury claim many lawyers might take on contingency.
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