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Message Subject Cathy O'Brien and her handler Mark Phillips have apparently kidnapped a young girl named Shaela Miller and are mind controlling her.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For all you know every "deprogrammer" offering to treat legitimate SRA/MPD could be a honeypot handler, hard to penetrate hypnotic conditioning without subjecting oneself to a similar vulnerability. I don't think any hypnosis or regression therapy is worthwhile & unless in the hands of reputable people like the Utah psychologist I named.

Being as 9 out of 10 therapists are likely hacks anyways the value of any psychotherapy is doubtful, maybe Jungian or Cognitive therapy at best, avoiding psych drugs & hypnosis such as Ross used.

There's less than a handful of people in this field with any track record & professionalism, for instance in California anyone can offer services as a "Therapist" whether offering extremes of card reading, Astrology or NLP.

Speaking of NLP, when used for selling or speed dating it's been compared to a form of waking hypnosis. Shaela was quoted as Mark sending her psychic effects & walking through walls, could be psychedelics (doesn't Cathy advocate Marijuana?), hypnosis or psychotronic machines as he's quoted having. A sociopath skilled in persuasion (let alone hypnosis/mind control techniques) can hypnotize whole congregations ala Benny Hinn.

Mark comes off as a Walter Mitty confabulator that read a lot of Tom Clancy & conspiracy books, it would be telling if a lawsuit dredged up his taxable work history to see if his stories are all BS & he was at best a salesman for some high tech company.

One has to be slightly aware of the story of the missing footage on the German video--he could have hacking skills or know some spooks or hackers, alternately got access to their computers & planted a backdoor & later edited the video, it also shows his tight control of interview questions, questionable in a "truth seeker/freedom evangelist" apparently trying to hide things as a control freak.

The Millers & their witnesses should up their security, use phone authorization on their emails, use Bitdefender on Windows or learn security upgrades for Macs such as the NSA publishes, or sources like Macworld. If he truly has spook friends or just access to hackers I wouldn't be careless in this area.
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