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Message Subject Cathy O'Brien and her handler Mark Phillips have apparently kidnapped a young girl named Shaela Miller and are mind controlling her.
Poster Handle Blindlight
Post Content
It's amazingly unlikely that a guilty pedophile would seek the aide of a mind control deprogrammer that he doesn't know in order to what? Help his pedophilia relationship with his daughter? This is actually implied by Shaela. It's also implied as I recall when the video goes out which could imply tampering.

It's extremely strange that Shaela would be living with a deprogrammer for 8 years unless he was actually her handler.

The fact that Shaela describes experiences involving Mark that are highly suggestive of LSD or strong psychological manipulation is worrisome and of course the main problem is the government won't admit this shit goes on

It's obvious he is controlling her and it's also obvious the pedophilia charge is bogus or why wouldn't Mark have filed charges against Scott on Shaela's behalf?

I have come to the conclusion that the whole MK Ultra thing is a psyop mixing truths with dis-info and Mark has been coin-tel pro and a handler from the beginning. This is my article on how I got interested in this case

[link to blindlight.org]
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