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Ladies!! Meet Addyi: The Little Pink Pill is Now at Your Service! Let the Sex Begin!

Vituperate Me
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08/18/2015 11:37 PM
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Ladies!! Meet Addyi: The Little Pink Pill is Now at Your Service! Let the Sex Begin!

The FDA, under tremendous pressure from over 100,000 ladies wanting their own little pill to increase their sex drive, approves 'Addyi' for women in record time.

First, it takes a month to kick in ladies and guys so don't think you are popping your pills together. It sort of builds up over time until suddenly she gets horny and wants to do it.

It works in a woman's brain to scramble up something that affects horniness. Anything that can get into a woman's brain and change her mind about anything must cost one million dollars a pill! (Sorry, the devil made me do it)

The female doctor who led the battle to push Addyi to the marketplace quicker was named Dr. WoodCock. Even if I tried, could I make this up?

So horny people, who is ready to sign up or slip it into her coffee every morning? Let the games begin!

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