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Message Subject Going solar Californians? Pay the power company for the privilege
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
utility companies are getting real crafty with the law makers of the Law, I now have to pay $1.30 more a month, just because CenturyLink phone, was told by the local government to move off the land, now I must paid this increase to help them move into another building in town.... It's total bullshit, but local law makers voted this law of a shithead increase for them, to cover their move what a crock, no one ever paid for me to move... btw, I asked about the phone moving increase, whether if it would be forever, well I got no answer from centurylink back, they said it's law and I guess the only course is to look for another carrier if I don't like it.

now a days: The Business of Government is to look out for Big Business and their well being and profit line.
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