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Message Subject Going solar Californians? Pay the power company for the privilege
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just install the panels yourself and never mention it to them. Also, put in some batteries this way they don't need to charge you a lesser rate for anything as you won't be running a meter backwards. This reeks of desperation if you ask me.

If I remember correctly, the water company did this to my parents years ago. My dad switched our house over to well water. We also had water supplied by the county. They forced my parents to pay a connection charge of like $15 a month just to have the water available should we need it even though we were using a well (which costs as much as it cost the pump to run). OH, and they won't let you completely disconnect the city/county supply line either. You must install a valve to be able to switch between them.

I assume the power company wants something similar. You can't just disconnect from their service (who knows your solar panels may not make enough power) so they want you to pay some sort of connection fee even if you use $0 (or sell back to them).
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