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Message Subject Going solar Californians? Pay the power company for the privilege
Poster Handle Shiva ascendant
Post Content
Government has become just another business and you are the revenue source- a captive customer. California has been on the leading edge of this trend for a number of years with legislators trading votes that lead to higher consumer costs for less service for campaign contributions and cushy 'jobs' and sweet insider deals after they leave office.

Wasn't that long ago Cali utilities were offering incentives for consumers to move towards energy independence both at home and on the road, now they want to CHARGE YOU for covering your own ass? How long before they drop the pretense of providing services and become private taxation agencies? That's an extreme example I know but it's the direction they're moving and you Californians are the test case so it will behoove you to keep an eye on these asshats and make your feelings about known and/or failing that, vote with your feet like so many others of nus have.

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