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Message Subject Going solar Californians? Pay the power company for the privilege
Poster Handle Catseye
Post Content
I've got guys on my roof right now installing (hammering away!) my solar panel frame. My electrician was just telling me the other day the electric company is starting to get a bit nervous over people going solar here and they will probably try to implement some laws to slow it down or charge them fees or whatever. He says I will be grandfathered in, though. Companies everywhere will not go down without a fight.

Right now, if I want, I can sell my extra power back to the company but they only pay once a year, very little, and you have to fight to get it. So I'm opting out of that.

I've got a well, too, and at some point I have to go down and settle over that, pay for a contract and then pay half my present monthly bill in water usage fees because the water company owns the rights to the water in the ground. Here in this country they aren't as anal about tracking people down, at least not yet, simply because they don't have the money, the organization or the manpower.

I came here because I was too ill to take care of myself but this is a great place to bug out of the US if you have some sort of income you can bring with you like investments, internet sales, etc.
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