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New Audio - John Hogue - Prophecies for the Last Blood Moon

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 63849192
United States
08/22/2015 02:53 PM
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New Audio - John Hogue - Prophecies for the Last Blood Moon
John Hogue has gone deeply into Hopi prophecy in his new book, and here he tells us some of the startling discoveries he has made, with special reference to the last blood moon of this era, which rises on September 28, a date when Christian fundamentalists, astrologers and many others are predicting great changes. But what does it all REALLY mean? Find out what John thinks in this terrific interview. And then go beyond and deeper with John, into rarely discussed Tibetan prophecies from 700 AD, and their chilling connection to the present era.

John Hogue's website is HogueProphecy.com.

This program, recorded in late July, is the last one in which Anne Strieber participated.

Listen Here:
[link to www.unknowncountry.com]