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Inevitable Calls for Gun Control

Billy Guess
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United States
08/26/2015 11:44 PM
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Inevitable Calls for Gun Control
The sorts of people who start demanding more gun control laws within minutes of any mass shooting must just get massive joy boners when they go to the airport and have their toenail clippers and water bottles seized by the authorities. What a sense of blissful safety they must feel to know that all possible means of harming people are gone.

An American airport is a microcosm of the world these people really want, even though I'd like to think they'd agree that it's completely stupid to think that you can stop evil people simply by trying to take everything away that they could possibly use to hurt someone with.

Whenever I hear someone I know who is pro-gun control complaining about the TSA, I just shake my head and laugh at them. Nothing I could say could even make a dent anyway...