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Matrix Of Control: A Short Tale About Society We Live In

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 70192260
08/29/2015 06:57 AM
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Matrix Of Control: A Short Tale About Society We Live In
Matrix Of Control: A Short Tale About Society We Live In

By Joe Contrarian

What is the society we are living in like? We think, we know our neighborhood, friends, if we really have any, and definitely we know or at least we think we know something about our close relatives as well as extended family mostly through the personal experiences of our lives but also through the narratives that are proliferated among our family members about the society at large and ourselves within this society.

What about the society at large? Do we really directly know anything about our society beyond our professional or commercial relationships with strangers, mitigated by money or advantage? Do we realize or understand our own role in the society beyond narrow family ties and responsibilities?

Are there true human experiences and not fat books of lies, aphorisms, innuendos, misconceptions and omissions supposedly about politics and society, the only source on which we base our entire social worldview?

Is it not the society we live in really our society, meaning that we, ordinary people, create it and control it or at least conscientiously support it in any meaningful ways?

There are no easy answers to the above questions. But we do not worry much, since we know we don’t have to know all those answers to live our everyday lives, which we believe to have special meaning or we wish to have special meaning, purpose for us alone and we vaguely sense, if not conscientiously choose, what such goals are or should be, hoping that they would be attainable.

Sadly, all of it, a nice tale about humanity and the life struggle, is just an illusion we ourselves help to feed into our minds. The necessary illusion of our own control over our own lives within our own community or even in our own society at large, we are truly oblivious to.

So what is the real society we live in? Is our place and role in the society solely mitigated by our inherited social position, skills, talents, our hard work, dedication and determination and lots of good luck or random chance? Or are we imprisoned behind invisible bars of our knowledge, beliefs, choices, traditions or intellectual horizons, all arbitrary factors instilled in us from within our society making us insensible to the great indiscernible walls of desirable comfort and stability of our mind?

Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the society really is and unlike the famous Matrix, nobody can see it with his or her own eyes either, since we cannot simply unplug. What we really have are bits and pieces of societal structure in itself, a substrate separated from myths and obfuscation, examined in “extention” for what it actually is and not for what it does.

There is ample documentation for the latter while scarcely anything about the former.

All we know for sure is that society we live in is man-made.

Fortunately, there were men and women in the past such as Michael Foucault and others who understood the fundamentals of society with its holographic structures of deceit and suggestive hedonistic innuendos disguised as the principles and values as well as its perfect dynamism of control. And they woke up and freed few people from beautiful delusion of the radical individualism, as well as from profound believe in the possibility of self-effacement deep within the society.

And from them we know what we know.

It is mostly accepted fact that “advanced”, so-called agrarian and/or civil society is organized into political system imposed by minority of ruling elite.

Below there is presented a brief review of a model of structure of the society under dynamic control of the political system that is thought to resemble the society we live in. While plausible, this model was developed under the restraints of deficient or often insufficient data obtained from complex dynamic system.

The issue of emergence of the elite itself is more an issue related to the evolution of our human species and individual advancement processes as well as its conditionality regarding social development, generally similar across all higher order species and hence will not be discussed here where the focus is being placed on already developed society.

Structure of Society vs. Moral Attitudes.

Every society consist of a continuously emerging elite, a group of often interbred families or clans that persuaded themselves that it is their prerogative to control the rest of society, seen as animalistic masses, immoral abominations of humanity. They see themselves, whether they admit it or not, as reluctant saviors of the humanity, against all odds. Their self-proclaimed objective and perceived necessity is to become the absolute moral arbiters, life and death decision makers. They believe that they are Hegelian type “ubermensch”, supermen, meant as the only true humans, the building blocks and foundations of perfect social order and power structure able to support it. Hence, to hold power is their solemn duty, a burden they must carry for higher good of the society at large.

They consider themselves not as much better humans as they just consider the rest of the humanity as a certain earthly creatures, items of natural world, a resource to be harvested or exploited in any way they deem necessary.

Such attitude permeates all decision-making processes within the ruling elite, all understood not as means of survival and dominance but as a self-sacrifice for the higher end, for higher purposes than their individual well-being, one of the paranoid delusions deviously nurtured among themselves.

In their obviously psychopathic or even psychotic state of mind it is all about binary moral order, the good and the evil, absolute truths and absolute values, incomprehensible concepts to those who don’t belong, those unable to achieve higher state of consciousness beyond any notion of forethought or petty human concerns. Seen as a matter of the objective reality, their law is their will and their morality is their immediate need or benefit, all other considerations rescinded. They regard themselves beyond any earthly moral insecurities or doubts as an expression of ultimate justice and absolute truth.

What is astounding that all those assertions are not developed and accepted by the ruling elite as much as dogmas of their rule but rather as a rational conclusion based on the results of numerous experiments and detailed observations of the society at large and its behavior. The ruling elite rationally concludes that their rule is the only thing that works for all society.

The idea of the ruling elite as a conspiracy in common meaning of the word it is not, since they have no specific plan of action or even specific ultimate objective to be achieved, short of holding onto the power and expand the limits of control by whatever means available. What they use are the methods and techniques of manipulating of the population stratified into the casts or classes via propaganda of the abstract concepts of economic development, political process, social policies, law, religion, science, vertical mobility, sports, nationalism, racism etc., and in cases when it fails they use raw brutality as the ultimate expression of “innate” morality of their power.

So who are they? What are their names? Here is the problem. Even in the historical perspective most the names of kings or emperors who supposedly ruled the world for thousands of years, as many results of scientific research indicated, have been likely made up names for certain groups or elites that actually ruled the ancient states. Such a arrangement sometimes was chosen for security of the individual who was in charge but mostly it was to cover up the existence of committee of rulers, a ruling class. Such assertion is not at all controversial since it is very well accepted fact that for example, mysterious priestly class even when technically not in power, was always influential power player in the economy and politics for millennia and still is today.

However, even in the XIX century new emerging power elites in the US and elsewhere where so convinced about their benign character that allowed some kind of interaction with the society at large through promoting those so-called towering figures of industrial revolution such as Fords, Rothschilds, Carnegies, Rockefellers etc., multiple names for the same symbol of ruling class.

But this changed drastically at the end of the XIX century when political movements of masses, of what they believed to be benevolent human refuse, a fertilizer of their power, suddenly threatened the very foundation of their rule. Ironically it was a side effect of their own nation-state ploy devised after French revolution shaken ruling elites to the core.

Read more here:
[link to www.informationclearinghouse.info]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 70200914
08/30/2015 08:58 AM
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Re: Matrix Of Control: A Short Tale About Society We Live In