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Beast Rising From The Sea - Maritime Admiralty Jurisdiction Conspiracy Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code

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United States
09/23/2006 10:49 PM
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Beast Rising From The Sea - Maritime Admiralty Jurisdiction Conspiracy Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code
[link to www.greaterthings.com]


I am pleased to announce two new discoveries made in the past three days, now written up and posted for your perusal.

They were both catalyzed by a keyster, and they both comment on the nature of the beast -- one from a spiritual perspective and the other from a temporal.

The first discovery came on Friday after going to the polls to vote for Alan Keyes (supporters call themselves Keysters). I was given a registered voter card that had my Voter ID printed on it.

As I am prone to do, upon returning home I looked up that number in my New and Old Testament lexicons. I knew I was onto something when the first number I looked up, 3864, meant "maritime" in the NT Greek lexicon.

It turns out that there is an exhaustive commentary on the whole conspiracy of admiralty law jurisdiction taking over the supreme law of the land -- the Constitution. Direct hit words include "maritime, lobby, tyrannize, martial law, deception."

There are two entire sets of several words running that elaborate on this cabal. One parallel runs for at least 43 consecutive words, from 3864 to 3907 in the NT lexicon. The other runs for at least 21 consecutive words, from 1386 to 1407, also in the NT lexicon. It includes key concepts from the book of Revelation about the beast, the dragon, wealth, and the merchants of the earth.

You will not want to miss out on reading this study. It is posted to

The second discovery was made yesterday based on a request from Rick Audette, founder and list administrator for the Keys of Knowledge e-mail discussion group (they call themselves keysters) to which I belonged for a couple of months but from which I resigned last month in protest. He wanted me to look up the number 4268, which is the number they have to manually add when creating their archive due to a server error that restarted the numbering at zero after 4268. They call it their magic number.

It turns out that not only does this number specify this very scenario with exactness, but it provides extremely hard-hitting commentary on some of the deceptions of the New Age that are embraced by many people on that list. If the commentary were not so obvious, I would relent from putting it in writing. However, to be faithful to the revelation contained in these codes, I present what I found; and I pray that it will turn more hearts than it offends.

No doubt I will be perceived as a traitor by them for what I say in this write-up (not that I was viewed kindly when I was there).

This write-up is located at
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 147109
United States
09/23/2006 10:51 PM
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Re: Beast Rising From The Sea - Maritime Admiralty Jurisdiction Conspiracy Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code
Revelation 13:1 "And I stood upon the sand of the sea; and saw a beast rise
up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten
crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. "

I often find myself, being nautical and in the Navy for so long, a person
who finds the middle of the ocean fascinating. I understand that when a
ship is outside international waters (3 nautical miles) that the captain of
that ship is responsible for the safety of every crewmember. He is under
Naval law, and maritime law, which in peace time, outrules Naval Law. When
a major decision is required, he alone is overall responsible. The captain
of every ship at sea falls under maritime law and maritime law, when
researched, is something to consider when reading Revelation 13.

I read this Chapter and wondered why John saw this beast coming out of the
sea. Well, I started to consider the one world government, the New Roman
Empire, (ECC) along with the United Nations ( "no boundaries between
nations" which the UN 50th anniversary commercial advertisements stated),
realized that maritime law would have to be part of this picture. When we
speak of ONE WORLD we have to include the sea's, cause they are very
important, take up 3/4 of the WORLD and , as you will see, must be

Our Navy, which is still strong, is being downsized along with the rest of
the military, and we are now a 330 ship Navy from a once 600 ship Navy not
too long ago. Balancing the seapower with the rest of the world is an
obvious agenda. With a smaller Navy, it becomes frighting for our
sovereignty, real frighting. Our deceased CNO, knew the big picture my
friends, and he probably felt the time is real short for a Nation that was
founded by God-Fearing Men. A weaker, less powerful Navy means a spread
out Navy with less protection for Merchant ships exporting and importing,
less protection from attacks from sea, less defense from the seas and most
of all, more upkeep of ships, which means more time inport due to heavy
maintenance burdens.

Now lets look at what Maritime law is, where it came from, and what John
was looking at on the beach (sands of the sea)..................

What is Maritime Law?

Maritime Law - body of law governing navigation and overseas commerce. It
is based on customs and usages that developed between trading nations and
were compiled beginning in the late Middle Ages. It is part of the
international law only insofar as it determines relations between nations.
In the U.S., maritime cases (except for collision at sea) are under
exclusive federal jurisdiction. Its a body of law governing navigation and
overseas commerce.

International Maritime Organization

International Maritime Organization (IMO), specialized agency of the United
Nations (UN) that promotes international cooperation on technical matters
affecting shipping; recommends and encourages adoption of the highest
practicable standards of maritime safety and efficient navigation; and
fosters international action to prevent pollution of the sea. Formerly
known as the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization, the
agency was first authorized by a UN resolution in 1948, but was not
established until 1958. It was given its present name in 1982.


The origins of maritime law go back to antiquity. Because no country has
jurisdiction over the seas, it has been necessary for nations to reach
agreements regarding ways of dealing with ships, crews, and cargoes when
disputes arise. The earliest agreements were probably based on a body of
ancient customs that had developed as practical solutions to common
problems. Many of these customs became part of Roman civil law. After the
fall of the Roman Empire, maritime commerce was disrupted for about 500

Okay, now you sorta know the history of Maritime law, without a college
degree, and understand that it rules the seas! Now, look at a world map,
how much water is out there? 3/4 of the earth is water, and that leaves
rest, only 1/4, being terra firma....land.

Could it be that the Beast who John saw coming out of the sea has to
control the Maritime law, so this beast can control the flow of commerce,
military and all shipping throughout the world? I understand that there
are enough Law's of the Land to deal with, and that Maritime law is never
even considered unless you go to sea. But our exporting, importing, naval
maneuvering, foreign naval and commercial shipping, local shipping,
fishing, freedom of navigation (how close you can come to a foreign land
coastline without permission) all fall under Maritime law and International
law. Supplies of food, a major portion of our economy, and protection of
our land falls under maritime law. You can bring in more food, more
imports, export more and protect more from the seas than on land or in the
air. Interesting? Well, it ought to be cause the New Empire (beast) is
coming out of the sea. I don't picture Revelation 13:1 as some Godzilla
coming out of the sea while John stands on the beach freaking out. I
picture it as John seeing the large, political final curtain and the
antichrists final push for the world. Shortly after this, in Chapter 13
one of the heads seem to die, but then it seemed to be healed, and they
worshipped the beast saying, "Who is like this beast?, Who is able to make
war with him?" I want you to notice in Rev 13:11 another beast comes up
out of the earth. The first beast came out of the sea, and the next out of
the earth. Its obvious that its in chronological order because in Rev
13:12 this beast exercised all the power of the first beast before him.
This 2nd beast seems to be the antichrist himself, the first is the New
Roman Empire, the ECC (political system) the political groundwork for the
2nd beast to enter the scene. With all this in mind, the first beast
coming out of the sea along with understanding the importance of maritime
law, one can discern how important the high seas are.

The Chief of Naval Operations, more than any other American realized this
importance. Now, the WORLDS most powerful military admiral is dead at
57, and man it sure does make me wonder. The importance of this matter is
much more serious than the reports coming out of the media. This man owned
the Navy. His pen was more powerful than the sword. His goals were good
and decent, but his heart was torn, torn due to something coming soon.
Could it have been the beast out of the sea which he saw coming?

With his death, a new billet (slot) for another man opens. A man with the
same power, who can control the United States Navy with a penstroke.
Hopefully a man with the same intentions as the last CNO. But I would
caution you to watch this new man closly, cause this is a man who must be
appointed by the president of the United States.

When the first beast comes out of the sea, the sea-lanes of democracy
will be shut down, and, as many of you know, the events that lead up to any
of these beasts coming forth are upon us today. Maritime Law may be the Red
Carpet ! But one thing is certain, Maritime Law is important, its so
important that the first beast, the New World government, will come out of
the sea, and people may have to die for this beast to move quick. In fact,
someone already may have!

NOTE: Jesus did not want us to be kept in the dark on these matters, in
fact, Jesus wants us to watch! This does not mean keep your eyes focused on
heaven, but to focus on earth. The angel said, why do you look up, don't
you know Jesus will come back just as he went up? We can all agree Jesus
is coming back, thats for sure. But our warning. I feel, as Christians is
not to keep our eyes focused on Heaven, but what is going on down here. I
am not saying that you should not get in a quiet corner and think about
how Heaven will be, we can do that whenever we want, but I am saying don't
focus on where Jesus is, focus on where He is going. After all, God is
running heaven, so why worry about Heaven....but who is running earth?
(Answer: Satan). Hence, our battles are spiritual and the satanic spirits
are deceiving many, even the ELECT if that were possible. WOW Huh? Lets
take the Gospel to heart friends, Jude states this : and with some have
compassion, making a difference, and Others save with fear, pulling them
out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. (Jude 22:23)

[link to web.textfiles.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 125023
United States
09/23/2006 11:25 PM
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Re: Beast Rising From The Sea - Maritime Admiralty Jurisdiction Conspiracy Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code
just one