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Trump flip flops on immigration. The O'Reilly interview Sept 8, 2015

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/09/2015 04:20 AM
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Trump flip flops on immigration. The O'Reilly interview Sept 8, 2015
I don't have an answer, nor an axe to grind. I was on the Trump train. Now, no. Maybe we've all been sold a bill-of-goods no matter which way we turn. Tonight's O'Reilly interview was pathetic. But, an eye-opener. ]
If anybody has a link to the stream, post it here.


He comes across as a guy who talks from his heart, speaks his mind with no political PC abode...Or, does he?

Just look at some the the most poignant and pertinent issues facing America today. Look at just a few of the issues Trump has flip flopped;

* Amnesty.
* Gun control.
* Taxes.
* Planned parenthood funding

And now he's FOR refugee immigration. Knowing full and well the destruction it has done to Europe and the States.

He seems to be (at his core) a liberal. When caught off guard or fielding an unusual question, he always reverts to a kowtowing liberal answer. Example;

Look at the interview with Chris Cuomo on Planned Parenthood. Chris gives him some liberal talking points, a sob story, and Trump goes from advocating a government shutdown over PP funding, to advocating PP funding. How do you explain that? He flips...like Mexican Jumping Beans in a warm skillet.

And now...THIS.

Once in office, there will be no campaign to force him to 'get his mind right'. He will surround himself with people. People exactly like Chris Cuomo (who he trusts) and you will get liberal policy after liberal policy.

Why do you think he supported EVERY SINGLE taxpayer funded bailouts?