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Message Subject Donald Trump Resumes War with Fox News
Poster Handle CalmShock
Post Content
It's because he's calling for "free" college and a lot of other "free" stuff.

With their fancy-shmancy college eddication, they still haven't figured out that SOMEONE has to pay for all of the "free" stuff. And that Bernie's plan is that the SOMEONE will be THEM!!!!!!!Their parents must be SO proud !!!
 Quoting: Eggcellent

Instead of your tax dollars paying for the educations of your children and future generations so they can support themselves and be productive members of society, you'd rather give your tax dollars to a bunch of uneducated welfare recipients.

Lol, only in America would "free" (in quotations so we don't have to bicker over the term) education be considered "left wing lib-tard propaganda bullshit".
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