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Message Subject Gallop Poll:Nearly Half of U.S. See Government As an ‘Immediate Threat.... Here's Your Sign
Poster Handle shadarak
Post Content
Which is why I advocate putting a guy who doesn't need money, riches, fame, fortune or accolades from the TPTB into office so he can burn the whole fucking thing down to the ground. Even if he doesn't burn it all down, he at least will flamethrower a lot of the mess and maybe bring us back from the brink, so everyone can have a fighting chance again.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70110094

It will take alot of burning to cleanse this time period, maybe thats the plan. Let evil get out of control then counter it and allow all this diversity to come crashing down until it 'cleanses' itself. Just thinking out loud.

I'm talking a cleanse of spiritual demeanor
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