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A Message For Humanity From RA

Tree Hugger
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09/29/2006 01:55 PM
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A Message For Humanity From RA
Here is an offering I place upon the altar of your thoughts. You may accept it and embrace it or reject it, which is your choice. Ra is a group soul consisting of six billion minds which are all in service to the One Infinite Creator and are responsible for much of the light and wisdom on earth. Now at this crossroad of choice they have again contacted humans to explain the vast changes going on in human hearts and minds.

Ra on Ascension and the Birth of the Christ
Within Us All

Led by a few insightful followers to the appropriate destination, the few who were able to understand did again perceive the Christ light within the heavens. These heavens were a different sort; namely, the light essence coming from within, in those heavenly realms of higher consciousness. For those who could but perceive it,{it is}an awesome sight, resplendent in its glories and completely unfettered by the material concerns. For those who would try to spread it out and admire its beauty as though on a surgical table, there will only be great surprise, as its majesty eludes any classification or taxonomy.
It is not to be discussed, nor talked about as though something you could understand or grasp consciously. What you can do is, approach its knowledge by following its demands. The demands its places are very simple: to view those otherselves as Self. To embrace the true principle of Christ, and to identify completely with that awareness in your own person. To make it abundantly clear to all those involved that you yourself have followed these commands, not out of a feeling of guilt or fear, but rather out of an innate sense of responsibility to thine own fellow man. Such responsibility needs to generated from within, from the realization of the One True Being, the soul essence or entity that is composed of so much more than your physical matter.
Break for a second and look in on yourself. Take five minutes each day to observe your own routines, your own thought patterns. Do they align with the Supreme Will of the One Being, or do they indulge in the fallen energies of ego, pride and discomfort? Where do you reside in God’s many mansions? Do you rise to the top, as the leavening makes the bread to sprout into full bloom, or do you remain as the hard-caked dirt on the bottom that needs to be scrubbed away?
Think about this as you contemplate the bread of life, the bread of the Christ, the bread of the One True Being that is shared amongst us all as that life essence we can all then partake of. Know in thine own heart that the message of the Christ is forever profound, and forever simple. Embrace the simplicity, and know that in that pure moment of time, you have grasped the unknowable. For it is through your conduct, both in thoughts and in actions, that the gateway to infinity indeed opened.
A plot is being hatched for all of you. A plot to examine the Self under a microscope, to then see up close the parts that have been hiding, the parts that cause despair, fear, anger, rage, embitterment, jealousy, grief, apathy, depression, sadness, morbidity, strife, ego, stress, et cetera. Never before in human history have you has the pressure of the solar changes weighing upon you as they do now. Our research with David confirms this, and it is important to understand that all are affected by this cycle, regardless of whether it is apparent to them or not.
And this , there is a very concrete reason for why many of you are feeling so much out of touch, so compelled to look back to the past and deal with the issues as they emerge. Indeed, it is the compelling force of the Christ Consciousness that is blowing the doors wide open and expanding the limits that now surround you. We do see that this expansion is similar to the expansion of the womb in the contractions prior to the birth of the Christ child. It is not a simple process by any means, but one which requires all those who participate to hold their breath, to clasp hands gingerly together, and look down with fear and awe at the massive moving force coming from within that is necessary, as the final push towards birth is then made.
Similarly, see these birth contractions of the collective human fourth-dimensional mind as occurring now. Do not fail to separate the personal issues within the self, from those issues occurring in the world at large, for to do otherwise is to not grasp the full realm of possibilities that await you. See your life as part of the material of a great cosmic joke. The punch line has yet to come, but come it will. Right now, you are being set up for the final blast of Love energy, that part kicked in at the end that then makes everything snap together, leading to peals of uproarious laughter. So too will this Ascension be the capstone that then holds together the shaky foundations of everything that seems so disjointed.
The chief cornerstone is being lowered back into place. It is very ironic that very few of you have truly realized that this is what is taking place. As these issues bubble up to the surface to be cleansed, the most common and , dare we say, “smart” reaction is to rage out at the difficulties that life is presenting, to then file them away on the back burner of the mind for future consumption at some ill-defined and seldom-reached point.
Because we think with our actions, what it is that we do in our bodies transforms directly into our thoughts. Therefore, you will be feeling energies within the body that correspond to the emotions that were captivating you during these previous exchanges. As you think about this, remember that the discrete point of power is always surrounding you at every moment. Therefore, you have the opportunity to bless yourself with the grace of recognizing that your own inhospitable actions in the past were simply part of this great cosmic joke that all of you will be so heartily laughing over in the next few months or years as the case may be.
When you realize what awesome potential resides within, you are then capable of unfurling your own butterfly wings. It is not necessary to remain a larva or pupa forever, as these are merely growth stages. So too, will your sprout your angel wings, and alight within the firmament, moving towards that shining star in the heavens which beckons you-the glory of the true Christ Consciousness, the One God that extends throughout all creation, that everlasting light of pure, radiant love that calls all under its wing, that thou wouldst feel its holy presence. Gathering together now are It’s children (scattered throughout the fragments of space and time, that is), eagerly awaiting your birth and watching from the outside. These forces, known to you as the angels, exist beyond the physical sphere as you know it, but still watch eagerly, awaiting the arrival of the new birth within each of you. It is from this perspective that you should see the extraterrestrials in question. There are indeed negative entities, but the vast majority of those now present upon your sphere seek to counterattack any harm that would come your way, and work diligently to do so.
When you are so surrounded by the heavenly host, it is rather foolish for you to be so concerned about imminent alien invasion, if you will. There would never be a possibility for something like this to take place. …….
It is indeed the contact, or the Close Encounter of the Third Kind that all of you are so deeply seeking. It is indeed the moment when you, through your own impeccable actions, choose to divide the distinction lines and again rejoin with the heavenly host that now surround you. It is the stretching of the womb as it reaches its final contraction, that painful burst that leads to the production of the child in proper. As the child is lying before you, you know that you will project into it, and look up into the heavens with a new set of eyes….
Do not fail to see that the preparations have indeed been made for you to fulfill the Christ promise: “As I do these things, so shall you do them, and greater things, for I go unto the Father.” Understand that he showeth the way to the One Creator, so too mightest thou comprehend the incredible beauty and bliss contained with one single phrase: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”…….Seeth thou not that thou has the spark of the One Infinite Creator within thine own personal vibrations?

Doth thy decide to deny God, to deny love, to deny hope, by self-indulgence and the fallen energies of bitterness, ego, pride, et cetera, as heretofore mentioned? Or wouldst thou embrace the otherselves around thine own self as merely a fuller expression of that I AM presence that thou and all others inherently are? Canst thou see thine own identity as One, as a collective body, a collective mind, a collective heart, and a collective soul?
You yourselves have never been more aware of the fury of the heavens, and of its transforming capability for change. As you continue to see weather disturbances and other Earth Change scenarios, remember that you yourselves have created it, so that you might learn from thine own mistakes, and strive towards greater love. Remember that the earth is responsible for taking on all of these energies that you would deny, or shunt aside, or raise in anger, rage, bitterness. These energies must go somewhere, and thus they are transferred into the Earth.
When you question why these things must occur, do your part in halting their construction, and you will discover with great rapidity that they have been repealed, and the glory that comes into your presence will be unsurpassed. You are still capable of awakening as one collective giant; one massive Christ presence that seeks to embrace the totality of human consciousness as its own, for there is indeed but one True Mind, and One True Being. You are all assembling for this now, and those of you who choose through free will to join it will have your position and place in the new kingdom.
Understand that the glory that awaits you is much more fantastic than you are capable of remembering. Also understand that even as a part of you dies to the old to be born again into the new, so to will a deeper part of you remember an unbroken continuity in said higher realms. And so, with this new birth comes the remembrance of the life that was already present. It will be the Ego selves that you have constructed now that a awed, mystified, and humbled…..
Remember always that you are loved, protected, and cared for, nurtured by the heavenly host of entities scattered about you in such Divine geometric arrangements as to ensure that your every move is triangulated upon and watched eagerly.
Understand that indeed, a throng of spectators follows you around throughout every activity throughout every activity throughout the day, and every motion that you make towards this Christ principle is met by uproarious applause. Similarly, every moment that you spend in bitterness, self hatred, depression, longing, or other self indulgent acts can be a moment of silence and great planning in this throng of spectators; a suspenseful time, where the next appropriate action must be considered. These actions take the form of telepathic thoughts and emotions of Light and Love that are beamed at you.
When that fails to reach its considered goal, other options are then brought forth. As your sense of separation continues, the options chosen will become more and more strong, relative to the degree of need that is necessary. It is you that have chosen for us to be able to do this for you, as part of the greater plan that is materializing before you now. Therefore, be aware that you have the wonderful opportunity to know deep down inside you your own being that all you sow must be reaped.
Do you allow this throng of spectators to plan the next teaching lesson through suffering, or do you rather exalt in their simple presence by embracing the truth of what you are there for: to share the Light and Love with you that extends throughout the Creation? Are you to become a trendsetter for others, one who blazes a new trail into tomorrow, or will you continue to whine and be bitter about the suffering you must undergo?
Remember, all we have ever wanted from you is that you renew your covenant with the Divine, and seek again the inner splendor that unfurls as the worlds of possibility are brought into the palm of your hand.
Do not look to the sides where darkness looms over you, but rather that beacon in the distance, the holy shepherd of cosmic love and beingness that impels you on your quest towards this true renewal of thine own depths and clarity of Light and Love.
There has never been a greater time in the entirety of your human as this moment now. Every action that you perceive and perform in your daily life and your larger global life will be forever remembered. As we speak, the actions that you go through are indeed being recorded on the skein of space and time, by the pen or the quill of the Christ self, revealed through your own inner desire to perfect yourselves in Light and in Love.
We eagerly await you coming up to the Throne of the Divine and signing your names in the Akashic Records, then completing your obligation to the third density and freeing yourself to the greater works that unfold before you in the glory of the new tomorrow, then made into today. We are there with you as you think about these things, and will be available if you need further assistance. Thank you for sharing this moment of grace, joy and beauty with us, and remember, you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

Taken from the book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce by Wynn Free and David Wilcock
Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/29/2006 02:07 PM
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Re: A Message For Humanity From RA

Do you know how this channeled information comprising the Law of One was brought forward?

They had the channel lie on a massage table and surrounded him in candles placed at specific locations around his body - in other words - black magic. I read Law of One I-IV, a lot of interesting info, would be hesitant to rely on it as truth, however, just because of the means by which the information was obtained.

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United States
09/29/2006 03:33 PM
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Re: A Message For Humanity From RA
Great post, Tree!

Thought you might like this poem
written by an 'angel of a friend' 8 yrs. ago:

We are the RA of LAW OF ONE,

Dispelling dark, heralding Dawn,

Infusing hearts with RA of Light,

We give you fire in depth of Night.

We blaze a trail to Daystar Day,

A path of light, we show the Way!

We see tomorrow inside You!

Your soul transformed, spirit Renewed!

Wander pilgrims - Ever Roam,

You find at last - Universe Home!

Each heartbeat and each breath of Air

Excite you now, you're so Aware!

Soar up to heaven, sail the Sky!

Spiraling upward, high on High!

Realities come true at Last!

Infinite now, future Past!



Beam me up, Scotty! Beam me up soon!
Never mind, Scotty, cuz... "There is no spoon"