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Message Subject Donald Trumpís Mystery Muslim Questioner a Serial ANTI-TEA PARTY PLANT?
Poster Handle Squidbillie Girl
Post Content
So? Doesn't matter. Donald Trump is in no way a Tea Party candidate.

Only Tea Party candidates in the GOP Party are Rand Paul and maybe possibly Ted Cruz.

Daryl Perry (L). Gary Johnson if he throws his hat in the ring for the Libertarian Party.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 59861972

There is no such thing as the Tea Party anymore. There was a real grassroots movement it became the Tea Party. Then the RINOs and the Demoncraps got angry because how dare Americans unite against them. The Elites released the IRS and other government agencies against the Americans who dared express an opinion.

Carl Rove and others then hijacked the Tea Party groups and they are now a tool the elites use to control the populace. The so called Tea Party is the current Boogey Man.

Now you know
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