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Message Subject Forget the zero Chris, Remember the HERO Chris - UCC Shooting
Poster Handle TrixieMama
Post Content
[link to www.ammoland.com]

"Do not give this coward what he wants!

Let us demand that this disgusting monstrosity live out his absolute worst fear: To die in anonymity.

Do not show us his face, do not tell us his name, do not read whatever psychotic manifesto he has written.

Let us demand that we will focus on the lives lost, those who were cut short of their time on this Earth. Let us demand that they be celebrated, and that he be ignored.

Let us send a clear message to anyone else who might consider mass murder as a means of escaping the dreary life they have encapsulated themselves in, who have twisted dreams of glory and infamy to be gleaned in the blood of another.

No one will remember you!

Let these others who may be contemplating such disgusting acts looks at the news in horror as their would-be hero is discarded to the annals of forgotten history, and tell them, in no uncertain terms, that their fate will be the same if they choose this course of action.

I am not calling for a silencing of the First Amendment, I am not calling for government action to such an end. I am calling for we the people, and for the media at large, to stand together, upon our own free will, to destroy their delusions of ill-gotten grandeurů With silence.

Flood the media outlets with letters, with calls, with e-mails and with protests, and let us demand that we strip this sadist of his last wish, his fame. And in so doing, maybe we can stop the tide of violence that has been surged up by the desperate, murderous sycophants of our world."
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