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Arrival of the Revival - The New Operating System 2016 ? Distributism - Unconditional Universal Basic Income - e-government ?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 35314798
10/16/2015 02:39 PM
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Arrival of the Revival - The New Operating System 2016 ? Distributism - Unconditional Universal Basic Income - e-government ?
* If the tarsands were the posterchild of the economy - would we have the same enthusiasm for this " Zombie Capitalism " monster ? - maybe not ... especially if a few more years of business as usual could mean extinction if we don't get it together to talk about it.

and , if you ask me - its not that money is bad or the economy is bad ... i think its our idea of how it all works is the problem. - For instance , the birds and the trees and the fish in the seas have no concept of mortgage credit approval and needing money or a card to live and thrive... If you ask me worldwide - a basic house with a bit of land for a vegan garden - should be a natural , inalienable human right.
Out there in the world you have these relief projects like DFTW - domes for the world - that are cheap - efficient , sustainable - last a long time without much maintenance... but not if your from a so called rich country...
I think beyond the homelessness / hidden homelessness problem ... the reality is much worse when you realize people with more than enough rent are going homeless and the people renting are living their lives in constant displacement.

The time has come for humanity to return to natural conditions of living as we all look around for the big answer to our new way of life and as the old unsustainable system makes way for the new... is it something like a venus project paradise reimagined by different people in their own areas?

one thing is quit apparent we cannot just continue to keep doing what we're doing ... alot of people doing the wrong thing is very dangerous to the equilibrium of the planet and - once again - if you ask me - its time to assign earth ethics directly to the land... where animals are not just meat or materials ... where cats and dogs have a home outside of the humane machine in a fantasy living land / permanent sanctuary for cats (birdsafe) and dogs... and a world that agrees its not ok to eat animals while we step up to our new earth and live alongside of them in unity ... a place for wild chicken families , duck families , piggies ... without being subject to commodification for peoples personal interest money.
Its all been compromised , this why its all falling apart ... and its time to set a new path for our future and Vegan earth ethics as a new ground for the world to join and celebrate our cosmic family reunion with the animals.

Eco living has been the oncoming future for a while now and eating meat / dairy are the worst water / soil / environmental disasters of them all and our path forward is not only environmentally friendly but ethical and truely animal friendly.


here's is what I would like to bring to attention ... what this is all about as we figure out the new operating system that is imperatively based with the above animal - friendly / ecofriendly foundation ... our current system is inadequate to deal with the amount of displacement and homelessness etc...
china is able to 3d print 10 houses a day for $5000 each which doesn't fit our current economic capitalism model - and; which is only going to get cooler in the future.

What I am saying is houses/housing should be off the open market and should be a inalienable public utility with downtown and commercial property remaining in the somewhere within the money system , but not peoples houses... Families get bigger houses than individuals.

The End of Homeless and Dehabitation - period - as well as the end of animal homelessness as we shutdown the slaughterhouses , take back 70% of the world surface used for animal agriculture / eating animals - and , clean up our cultures and planet from this disaster / contamination.

And yes ... it seems like we are right at the end of zombie Capitalism ... so finding the new ethical and sustainable operating system seems to be essential for our evolutionary leap into the new ethical eon.

here's is what I would like to point out as traditional ways that seems fitting to help facilitate RE-HABITATION


1 - Unconditional Universal Basic Income (for everyone in their own regions / not just in your frontyard)

2 - Distributism ( also referred to as the 3rd way economic system thats not capitalism or socialism ... w/ a basic house with land for all - as a human right ) also freeworld charter has some of the basics.

3 - open governance / e-government / open-source ? - local etc. - An idea that fits in nicely to balancing distributism in an internet age.


- and - Animal Rights and Star Trek (+ star trek economy)


Thoughts ?
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 35314798
10/16/2015 02:41 PM
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Re: Arrival of the Revival - The New Operating System 2016 ? Distributism - Unconditional Universal Basic Income - e-government ?
*** sorry this was the fist part I didn't copy/past correctly ***

So , here we are ... systemic insanity at the end of Capitalism ... House prices in the globalized Toronto area are flying off the charts - increasing at $8500 dpm (dollars per month) and $6500 dpm in the surrounding areas. Vancouver I read yesterday housing cost in bc are also skyrocketing off the charts.
The Canadian immigration policy of piling 1'000'000 people every 4 years in already overdensified crammed conditions that the overimmigration only seems to worsen livability as people fixate thier crazed gaze on getting rich and acquiring the better life in a finite , trickle down system.
The results are the increasing mass homelessness of the local people and previous middle class .. not just the 1/3rd of toronto's homeless population that are HOMELESS IMMIGRANTS - which didn't manage to take the local peoples home and jobs - which is the only way it can work in a finite housing sector.

I recently read a headline / article by David Sazuki that read something like - Canadas immigration policy is insane - we're already full.

Being realistic about it - he's right - We are failing not only the Canadian people but also our fellow people of the world that get thrown in to these systemic problems... and we gotta start taking care of everyone thats here already and stop the insanity.
It's not just Canada ... EU has been going through the homelessness crisis for decades now and the US has the same systemic problems.

if you ask me ... in the midst of this global reset ... we the humans are finding ourselves looking for the way ... its all on the table ... Capitalism had 100 year lifespan to accommodate the industrial kickstart - which was an ecological disaster. Our market mantras of economy is the number one priority ... more of the the same ... homelessness - dehabitation / dislocation ... extinction etc. ... has become an iconic emblem of the times we are in.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 35314798
10/16/2015 02:43 PM
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Re: Arrival of the Revival - The New Operating System 2016 ? Distributism - Unconditional Universal Basic Income - e-government ?


User ID: 70541967
United States
10/16/2015 04:35 PM
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Re: Arrival of the Revival - The New Operating System 2016 ? Distributism - Unconditional Universal Basic Income - e-government ?
I really like what your sharing here and think there is a place where we can collaborate and find Synergy

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