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Message Subject Clinton: No One Signed Off on My Use of a Personal Server
Poster Handle Narcissistic
Post Content
Here's more of her attitude about our lives and safety

 Quoting: SW Fla Pirate

 Quoting: cooperdisciple

Holy shit.... that laugh...

"The FBI and others who are..."
*evil laugh*
"Looking into your private emails.."
*she can't stop laughing*

Okay... Was an advisor all, when someone asks you about the emails just laugh LAUGH REALLY LOUD so they can't use it as a soundbite?

I wonder what position of power she promised Bernie if "she wins" -

I hope all the people who were disenfranchised from Obama, then saw what the GOP did to Ron Paul, then seeing the circus they are making out of this current presidential run...

One day, we will have multiple parties... and it'll be GRREAAAATTT.

So sad. Vote for anything ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AISLE and leadership strips you of any committees...


That laugh though..... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Nothing funny about it.

How the fuck can she win the Youth Vote is beyond me.
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