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Subject Afghan media’s untold truth of Afghanistan
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Afghan media’s untold truth of Afghanistan

By GPD on October 28, 2015
By Masud Wadan, for Veterans Today

The signs of democracy and non-democracy can be obviously seen in a state’s behavior, by a prominent example of “freedom of expression”. In democratic countries – not a dictator or autocrat regimes – the media undeniably plays progressive role. It can steer the whole nation’s thought to positive issues and divert it from a matter detrimental to national interests.

It can establish peace and stability or, adversely, move the country to a total chaos by its critical stuff. It is the media that can prevent a massive exodus in a country in spite of conflict and concerns on the ground.

Media constitutes the vital pillar of states. The world powers widely invest in media domestically as well as internationally. International media is now used by warring parties as an indirect way to convey warnings and threats to each other.

Sadly, today’s media works to “manipulate” the issues before broadcasting it to the public. This is not a matter of a single state; it embraces the whole world countries.

In war-devastated and poor countries like Afghanistan – which is lagging behind from almost all respects while ranking first in producing world’s most unwanted phenomenon – narcotics – the media is doubtlessly in the clutch of the country’s leadership and, above it, the meddlesome elements.

Afghan nation feels extreme need to a fairly established media group in the country to keep abreast of the real situation. Compared to the past, people eagerly listen to the daily events occurring nationwide. They are now more vulnerable to the terrible news than being impressed by any good move.

Most of the media outlets in Afghanistan are backed externally or founded with foreign aids. These well-paid sources work hard to write what their financiers want. When things go this way, it can be called a “literary act of sabotaging”.

Afghanistan’s favorable ground allowed affluent Afghan warlords and tycoons to have their own TV channels, radio stations and newspapers. Jihadists from the era of civil conflict use own media outlets to restore popularity and lobby for self-interests. They chant for a better Afghanistan in a bid to erase the oppressed Afghan people’s bitter memories from dreadful years of Jihad, though people will not forget the savageries and atrocities of Jihadist affiliates.

Afghanistan suffered a complete loss during the civil war. When it gradually emerged of ruins following the ouster of the Taliban regime, the media started to burgeon across the country. Hundreds of radio and television stations have been established so far, which drew scores to work as journalist in Afghanistan.

However, Afghanistan is not safe for journalists as many with higher wage risk the journey to restive provinces for reporting.

Afghan government is “watchful” over media publications in the country with a high rate of news contents are subject to censorship. In Afghan environment, when an unbiased and realist media source goes bankrupt, it resorts either to cease operation or receive foreign financial support which, in latter case, means to work for an outsider’s interest.

The Afghan Constitution and government’s claim of ensuring the “Freedom of Speech” is just futile and deceitful, posing itself to the world as an advocate of democracy. It leashes the media’s contents that are exposing truth behind government’s involvement in treasons and wrongdoings.

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