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Message Subject One light source = 3 dimensions EDIT: 4 dimensions
Poster Handle Tampa Heather
Post Content
Does gravity affect time?
 Quoting: Cap'n Save-A-Hoe

Yes, but not how most think.

Time in this dimension = the process of decay

Time in our mirror image dimension = the process of evolution

Look up Calabi Yau on google, or wherever. This is the shape of dimensions. See the "fingers" that's how our dimension *should* be...but some entity thought it would be cool to take our "finger" and curl it up on itself making a loop or handle. We've been repeating the same 4,000 years FOR A LONG TIME!

Some entities find it hard to let go...
 Quoting: Tampa Heather

Gravity = decay

Radiation = evolution

But that doesn't really matter, we're all already dead here in this dimension. But the ones outside of this dimension took some light (dark and light light) to combine to produce physical reality. Moving the electrons in AND out at a fast rate produces the "movie" we call life.

Basically, we are a dead solar system very close (approx 24-26 thousand light years) to the black/white hole at the center of this galaxy. The "hole" at the center is both black and white, making half revolutions. Black hole = attraction, white hole = repulsion.

Black hole = recorder of experiences
White hole = the record player, with EM radiation as the data.

What the lame ass controllers didn't think about is they would soon run out of material for the universe to transmute. Which is why the ass-clowns want to buy your soul and spirit.

And if the dipshits can't buy you out they simply resort to stealing...YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS (aka your soul aka the "empty" space in your atoms that "record" your experiences)...TO USE AS FUEL FOR THEIR MACHINE!

If you lose your experiences you are subject to repeat them...an endless cycle of suffering. Also, if you lose your human spirit (compassion and empathy) you make a good slave to do their dirty work...so YOU get punished by karma (aka the program) and they don't.

It is my job to tell you this...what you do with it I don't care...

There is a reason no one is saying jack shit on here...think about that for a minute...
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