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Message Subject One light source = 3 dimensions EDIT: 4 dimensions
Poster Handle LTHN
Post Content
"Everything in this dimension moves in and out of the electron shells, but in the "above" and "below" electrons only move out OR in, depending on the quality of the material. More refined material (dark energy) will be spun out and heavier UNREFINED (read zombies here) will be transmuted into dark matter. Too much dark matter and the universe collapses in on itself because dark matter acts like gravity (Pentaquarks). Too much dark energy and the universe stretches itself into a big rip.

How does this affect you?

How pure is the material in your body? How pure is your consciousness? Because THAT is the fuel that runs the universe."

This thought insertion of yours resonates very deeply as a vision/concept to ponder on.
Sincerely, thank you.
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