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Message Subject One light source = 3 dimensions EDIT: 4 dimensions
Poster Handle Tampa Heather
Post Content
That is the meaning of sleep. One IS, but ONE is not AWARE that one is

op have you ever thought you were just living in a dream?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 58109063

Not a dream per se, "they" use others dreams (imaginations) to trick you. Those aren't even YOUR dreams :(

I know, it sucks...

I will bring these rat bastards down!

GO FUCK YOURSELVES, YOU FUCKING THIEVES!!! Quit stealing people's consciousness, make your own if you're so great...

Only the creator can make consciousness...the fraud just duplicates it BY USING OTHER PEOPLE'S DREAMS AND CONSCIOUSNESS.

How many times have you thought something only to see it later on TV?

Don't worry, I'm here to take these rat BASTARDS down, and I don't care if I'm all alone...

Thieves...I TOLD YOU TO STOP MONTHS AGO! I told you ALL to come clean and be honest...BUT NO...YOU ALL THOUGHT YOU KNEW BETTER...

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