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Subject 3 Year Old Boy Who Was Diagnosed With Leukemia And Had Only 48 Hours Left Was Cured With Cannabis Oil
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Landon Riddle, a 3 year old boy from Utah was diagnosed with Leukemia, and the doctors recently have told his parents that he had, at most, 48 hours left to live. His grandmother told their parents to think about cannabis oil, as a last chance treatment, after the two terrible months on chemotherapy which made the situation even worse.

His family discussed with the medical team in Utah about all their concerns about Landonís condition, but his condition wasnít getting any better. So his mother decided to look for help online, and came across on cannabis oil.

His family left Utah and went in Colorado, where cannabis oil treatment was legal. In just few days, Landonís condition was getting better; he vomited less and less each day and finally began to eat.

Landon started to smile again and started to eat again. His condition was getting better and better every day. Sierra, Landonís motherí posted in her blog during his treatment that they can see some progress and their hearts were filled with happiness that cannabis brought back the smile in Landonís face again.

- See more at: [link to www.naturalhealingmagazine.com]
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