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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!Plus The Word
Poster Handle FHL(C)
Post Content
Prayers said for all.

I have so much to do today and tomorrow. I know I will be laid up for a few days after the oral surgery on Thursday. I have to get a phone card for my cell phone, refill my dogs medicine, go to the grocery store, and try to get the repairman here to fix that blasted dryer.
Mary K will stay here all day on Thursday and Friday, and then my youngest will be here for the weekend.

The MRI my brother Kenny had yesterday, IMO, was to see if the cancer has further spread, and to stage it. We know there is an additional spot besides the large tumor. I know from what he told me, it is definitely stage 2 or 3. I am not saying anything to him about all this for now, but I have to keep a positive front to show him, instead of doom and gloom, which it is, in reality.

Mary K's replacement car search is going to have to wait until I recover enough to tackle the task. I hope to be functional by Monday, but, who knows? I am so appreciative of all of you who have shown such kindness, and have offered to help, if we need it.

I will be going through intense GLP withdrawal if I cannot manage to crawl to my computer for a couple of days, LOL !!!

Whatever happens with any of this mess going on, I leave it all at Jesus feet, and let Him take over.
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Dear Heavenly Father we lift up the entire house of Tiger and place in Your hands and has for Your outcome in Jesus name amen grouphug
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Amen Lord. Also reveal what the core open door is for so much conflict and confusion , on such a regular basis, amen YAHshua
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