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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!Plus The Word
Poster Handle Theosis
Post Content
Hey everyone - I had to delete my GLP account; was stuck in a loop - just wanted to say life is going super super great; my wife and I are getting along great, Jackson is at 10 months old so everything is super cute without a lot of crying -- sober! -- Dusted off my boots and went out and made enough money to catch up on everything plus more.

I'm only allowed to use to the laptop for three hours a day now, so I do two hours sunrise and hour before bed.

GLP has a lot of... spiritual battles going on that I am not ready for.

BUt, you, all of you, whom I love and have helped me and prayed with me and cried with me and sent me food and money and then paying it forward and learning what true prayer is and just... starting every morning Christ-Focused God-Conscious is great. You are all very powerful intercessors. Yet, I get distracted on GLP and nothing gets done around the house - I hide behind typing / writing that usually comes across as making no sense.

So life is going great. I'll be around enough to stop in and pray for everyone and sometimes ask for prayer my self.

You people were here for me when I needed to...

Let's just say it's been a minute since I've drank and it's been long enough now that the nervousness of a slip is very low. My testosterone is higher. I went out to goodwill and made my own patio lights that I strung from roof to gate and it looks beautiful - so of course, wife is happy, father in law is impressed, and I pay $65 every 2 weeks for two maids to come clean this 900sqft duplex (They don't even clean the bedrooms, heh) 2 women for 90 minutes -- But it's so worth it. It really is, if you've never... First visit they deep cleaned fridge; oven, just everything - 2nd visit, hit everything hard; third visit - maintence - fourth visit; touch up on fridge again and mop; etc. Plus now since we have a routine and familiar it's..... Trust me on making life easier.

Love you all.
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