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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!
Poster Handle Goofy for God
Post Content
My son D and our family is in great need atm for prayers and/or thoughts of strength.

For my son D, who is in the midst of a drug-induced psychosis, brought on by using too much weed for too long evidently. Atm he is having withdrawals and is delusional.

And for our family, we are at the point of using 'tough love' with him, taking a hard stand. And doing so feels like its starting to tear us apart, or tear us down, something. The whole thing is taking its toll on all of us.

More of his situ in this thread, beginning here:
Thread: Cannabis use linked to a third of all psychosis cases (Page 2)

He does believe in God and has since he was a child. Yet says since he hasn't been close to God for many years, he doesn't think God could possibly want anything to do with him anymore, let alone help him. I know that God can and will help him, will heal him even. Am hoping that D can begin to believe this himself.

 Quoting: Jaena

Dear Heavenly Father , we ask for a miracle in You name and glory given to You , we ask the enemy have no power in this and You heal body, soul and Spirit and comfort for the loved ones in Jesus name amen grouphug
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