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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!
Poster Handle Arnie
Post Content
Update for those following along.

Well Oct 1st has come and gone. This was the deadline date for the wife to get her own place or face a Standard Visitation Order(SVO). The SVO makes her only have the children every other weekend from Friday at 6pm until Sunday at 6pm.

She has not gotten her own place yet. Court tomorrow regarding this and other things, as well as forcing the court to impliment the SVO. Looks like I will get a win on this as she failed to follow court orders. There are other things, but this was the main thing. So if it goes well tomorrow then I will have my kids all but every other weekend FOR NOW ON.

She has indicated that she wants to do counseling again. I am still in a quandary over that. I am heavily leaning towards divorce still. Yes, Tiger...i know. :P

Praying for all. Heading out to pick up the kids. After court tomorrow I get to take daughter to a counselor for the fun time to begin. The chaos and alienation that my wife did has really put my daughter into a tailspin of emotions.
 Quoting: LunaticCC

Keeping you all in my prayers.
 Quoting: NOLAangel

Continuing in prayer for you, for all of your needs, and the return of health to your daughter..

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