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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!
Poster Handle Goofy for God
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Prayers said for all.grouphug

We had to replace my husbands truck. We found a newer basic one, regular cab, with very low mileage, without all the bells and whistles, for a good price.I did kick in half the cost from my funds,and he covered the other half.I think I still have enough to cover the rest of my surgeries.

It got to the point that his truck was undriveable. We didn't know if it would make it to the dealer for a trade in.His truck has never been right since it got creamed in front of our house last year. The engine light was flashing on and off, the windshield washers were not working, the holding tank was cracked.The tailgate would not stay shut. Pieces of plastic were coming through the air vents, and the blower was going out, only one speed worked.The ABS brake system was out. Every time it rained, the cab of the truck had a couple of inches of water in it.The truck was a goner, and we barely made it to trade it in.He had the old truck for 11 years, and I pray this one lasts him this long or longer.

My middle daughter had been borrowing my old Chevy S10 pickup that I was going to sell after I got the new used car.I knew my old truck was ready to keel over, it was just a matter of time. Well,the S10 went kaput on Monday. Fortunately, we got her vehicle running, for now, once again. There is no more back-up vehicle available for her, so please pray that her vehicle keeps on running.

Monday I have to go for a physical to see if I can handle the next mouth surgery, which is scheduled for November 12th.The next surgery will be when they cut my upper gums open, and drill and place 6-8 posts in my jawbone.4 months afterwards, my jaw should be healed enough to put in the permanent bridge. This is going to be a rough surgery. Please pray that I pass the physical OK !
 Quoting: tiger1

Dear Heavenly Father. thank You for what You have done and will do , we ask all will go as planned for Tiger and we give You the glory , we ask the enemy have no power in this in Jesus name amenhf
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