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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!
Poster Handle Goofy for God
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Goofy: can you help me with a question please. I woke up yesterday morning with the first thoughts of the day, which was an "understanding of why time is speeding up now. I immediately remembered a passage "somewhere" in the Bible that talked about "if those days not be cut short" etc. I don't remember the exact words so I failed in doing a google search for it.
Do you remember where it is discussed in the Bible?

I now feel that the days, weeks & months are now accelerating just like that passage in the Bible stated. Though I don't know why Time needs to be sped up?
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I feel this SO MUCH ! Being older in years, I can say that DEFINITELY, time is speeding up, and accelerating over time, so that what I was able to do in a day a year ago, now I have to prioritize even more. It's getting to where the essentials of life are about all one can accomplish in a day.
So, if I have a special thing going on, (like my present undertaking of canning applesauce), I just get nothing else done for the day, and I have broken up this canning into several days' worth per day.
It's not age,,,my son says the same thing, and he's mid-forties,,,teenagers are saying the same thing.
Jesus said He would "shorten those days, for the sake of His elect, SO THAT THEY MAY ENDURE"...
and, yes, these days are hard to endure with all of the growing evil in the world. To the Philadelphia church He says, "you have kept the word of my PATIENT ENDURANCE"...
So, we are waiting for Him, waiting for Him to arrive, and begin to set this world right and begin to bring in the Kingdom of God on this earth.

highfive kitty
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