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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!
Poster Handle Simple27
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I now have heat, but almost didn't, as the furnace people nor anyone else couldn't reach us by phone, as our landline went out last night.No storms or wind, it just disconnected from the pole.I just had a feeling to call the furnace people this morning, and that is when I found out our landline was dead. I called them on my cell instead, and told them to call my cell as my landline was dead.The part came in and our boiler is working !!! The landline was fixed this afternoon also, so we are OK !

The dental update:

I was told today I didn't need the physical, as all the previous ones were good. I had cat scans and other things done to pinpoint where the posts are to be placed for the permanent bridge. The surgeon will go over all the tests, and give me a call in the next couple of days as to the next surgical plan. The planned surgery is going to be another whopper. The surgeon has to cut my upper gum open, and drill 6-8 holes for the posts, and then stitch it back over and let it set for 4 months.
I will be in a world of pain for at least a week or 2, but my consolation is that the next and final step for the upper jaw will be relatively easy. About 4 months from this next surgery,they will make small cuts above where each post is in my upper jaw, and attach the permanent bridge. Then the top will be done, and it will be time to do the bottom jaw.
It will take about 1 to 1 1/2 years more to slowly fix my dental problems for good.

Thank you for the prayers !!!grouphug
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