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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!Plus The Word
Poster Handle TheLordsServant
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red_heartTo all,,, LS that is your choice it was ask that that topic have its own thread. Facts to me are in one place and that is Bible. I have told all ,if you find a mistake with the messages given ,they can be argued with Scripture only. Lines are being drawn right now and the enemy is working hard.

See how easy satan can move us...grouphug
 Quoting: Goofy for God

Lines were drawn 1500+ years ago.

There are people who worship the "trinity".

The prayers are addressed to the "Holy Trinity".

So then...where does the notion to worship / pray to "trinity" come from? We ALL know how it started - and it's not in the Bible.

Does it constitute blasphemy? Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
Does Father God hear & honor those prayers?
Is it a sin?
Is it a sin that can be repented, or will people lose their Salvation because of it?

I don't have the answer, and I dare say no one in their right mind does. All I know is that isn't supported by scripture.

Jesus gave us the Lord's Prayer, which is addressed to the Father.

Jesus Himself prayed TO the Father.

You know the verses that are relevant.

Jesus never once said "pray to me" nor "worship me".
Jesus never once said "pray to the Holy Spirit" nor "worship the Holy Spirit".
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