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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!
Poster Handle tiger1
Post Content
Still house hunting and waiting for the home God has for us. Put an offer in on one but they chose an offer with a faster closing date, so wasn't meant to be. Please continue in prayer for God to lead us to the ONE.

Prayers to all for healing, comfort, strength, and peace in these times. Love you all
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Brothers and sisters in Christ, God is so good! Thank you very much for your prayers. We have been searching and looking week after week and striving to get a house, and at that point any house, we were ready to settle for something we weren't crazy about. Yesterday the Lord led us to the perfect house, we put in an offer along with many others, and we got the house, our first home ever! Hallelujah!

We were prepared to have to move into a neighborhood complete with very close neighbors, sidewalks, very small yard, change kids schools, etc. We thought it would be impossible to find a home with a small plot of land with no neighbors, stay in the kids school district but much closer to town than we are now, and not too far from my husbands work. But NOTHING is impossible for God!

We got a beautiful house that far exceeds our expectations and anything we could've imagined. We are still in shock at the blessing we received. We have been living in a 800 sq ft house for 9 years (me, husband, and 2 kids with 3 outdoor pets and an inside pet) being very humble for all these years. God gave us a 2,400 sq ft house! Also, this house is cheaper than every single house we have been looking at by about 40-50k! Not only that, all other homes had lot sizes of .2 - .5 acres, and now we will have our very own 1.5 acre plot that has tons of space for our greenhouse, our kids, dogs, and cat to run and play, and a beautiful wooded area behind us to admire creation.

We were getting so very discouraged, angry, stressed, and hope was dwindling. Praise the Lord for the home he picked for us! It's going to be so nice to actually sit at a dinner table and have a meal as a family every night! Thanks again for your prayers, I pray that this encourages someone today, and love you all.
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As sad as I am to write this, I have to. I considered not writing it, and don't want to, but I felt led to share it for some reason.

Unfortunately we can't find funding now for the home as it was classified as manufactured and not modular (even though it's 3 pieces on a permanent foundation), so USDA will not finance it, and FHA will not finance it for what we offered, it's 40k over what FHA would finance since it's considered a manufactured home. Our only option would be a conventional loan and we have no way to even think about having the funds for a down payment on that type of loan. I think it would be around 13k down for the type of loan that we would need to have.

I love the home, but would need quite the miracle to entertain that now.

I'm trying not to be sad, upset, angry, discouraged, etc but at this point it's very hard. We lost $350 for the inspection, which in our very humble circumstances is a lot of money. I just want a home. I just want my kids to have their own rooms, my daughter turns 12 soon and needs privacy from my son who is 10. I want to eat dinner at a table together and not in the living room floor around a coffee table. But it's all for a reason, so we will keep on and rely on God.

The Lord has a plan and purpose. I don't know what that is. But I trust Him. Even if it's not what I want, I submit to what He wants. But that doesn't make it easier for the the emotions of being in the moment. I am so confused now. I need prayers please., and thanks in advance for them. I truly appreciate you taking time to pray for a stranger. My husband is so stressed he wants to give up finding a house all together, but I told him God will bring everything together for our good, no matter what that looks like or what we think of it, He will do whatever is best for us.

I pray you all receive the healing, strength, comfort, provision, favor, and love that the Lord has for yall, and that His will be done in all situations in Jesus name amen. Love to everyone hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78118286

The right one will come along for your family. Even though you really liked this one, it was not for you.

Many years ago, I admired a cute little house in a neighboring community, and always thought that if it would go up for sale, I would try to buy it.It did go up for sale, but my finances were in the pit's at that time, and there was no way I could buy it.

Fast forward a few years. We had a tornado come through our area. A large 100+ year old tree landed squarely in the middle of that house, cutting it in 2, all the way down to the foundation.If anyone was inside when this happened, they would have been killed.
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