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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!Plus The Word
Poster Handle daughter in NYC
Post Content
You know, you know. The Presence inside of you knows. Your instinct kicks in and you limit yourself because you are afraid of your potency. The Bethel song was played above. Raise a Hallelujah. It is your voice. They borrowed it from you. They knew that when the voices raised up enough that there was no stopping it, they took the initiative and it is up to all of you/us to add to the refrain. Never fear your voice. Your voice was a gift given by God that lets you state your piece/peace. You stand up brother/sister and we will all be there with you. And we will all sing a little louder, and i that Fails...


Grasp the wry grin, know you have become prayer, know that fear has turned into a dusty fog. Sing a little louder, don't hide your voice. Never hide your voice. I have a deep voice and I can sing, and I will lend you that voice, it's yours. But I bet the smallest of chickadee peeps of voices carry the same weight with Faith.

Go, now, look in the mirror. Look at the you that is about to unleash the 'next'. Look into your eyes. As you look into your eyes, you will find you are looking into mine, and everyone else's and then you realize, with your real-eyes that we are all in this together, and that God is on our side. You find all of us, everywhere. And then you grin as we make this maelstrom/nightmare work. And SING...from stormcrow tongue to winter wren peeps... just sing. And let your song become...

Prayer. And may God Bless us All
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC

Thanks for reminding me of the main reason for my desperate prayer for my throat lymphoma healing 3 years ago!
My voice !!!
Praise and glory to God!
God Bless friend hugs
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