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Message Subject Daily Prayer Thread !!!Plus The Word
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Word from the Lord today in 1John 2 is about the antichrist and warnings of apostates. We certainly are drowning in this. What we never saw coming was the devils doctrine to change what this really means. Apostate is a falling away and abandon real faith. Antichrist is anything or one against the real Christ and message of Christ. It is not always one person but plural like churches or groups of man made religion.
We can be a church of antichrist if we are not teaching the truth but lies making doctrine and Jesus something it and He is not. We under estimated the power of the evil one. The evil one from the Garden to today was very good at changing the Word of God. We are in a time to get away from all man made teachings and get alone with the Holy Spirit , our Helper and the KJV Bible...

The greatest deceit the wicked one could do is create doctrine and churches that are antichrist and they did or do not know it. The Pharisee thought they were doing good for God ...We are in a time to question all we have been taught by humans the last few thousand years. They started getting it wrong after the Cross...
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